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Birkan Tore  Intuitive Life Coach, Author & Teacher of Angels, Intuition and Spirituality. Based in Atlanta


Card of the day for Saturday the 20th of January:
Be prepared for surprises and good news from this realm and the ones beyond, my friends. It might be something you've been patiently waiting for, or a new development, or a friend you haven't heard from for awhile. It’s often our intuition that leads us to wonderful outcomes that our logic couldn’t have predticted. Follow your gut. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one doing the surprising!
(Whispers of Healing Oracle)

Card of the day for Friday the 19th of January:
Being inspired is a blissful state of mind... the rush and excitement that new ideas bring always feels good to receive. It's time to take action towards realizing them. You can start by prioritizing—which one to start with if you've got multiple ideas, or which step to begin with if there's only one idea you'd like to realize at that moment. Do what you can, whether it's planning, research or talking to an expert to get some guidance. Every action you take will ground your visions in your physical reality and bring you one more step closer to manifesting them.🐉💖
Today's Deck: Dragon Oracle Cards by @dianacooperangels

Now that I’m back home in Atlanta I definitely miss the island. Fortunately, it is not always necessary for us to be physically present somewhere (like various sacred power spots around the world) ––in order to connect with their energy. You can tune into them and spiritually link yourself through meditation or by holding a crystal that links you with the energy of the place. The crystal or the stone can be from there or programmed/attuned to the the energy of the place. My body might be 4,448.5 miles away but when I hold that crystal I feel as if I’m there in an instant.🙏🏻

Card of the day for Thursday the 18th of January:
Listen to your body when it speaks. Your intuition can also speak to you through your body. Take a moment to tune into the physical sensations and symptoms you experience as they can guide you to make better decisions about your life. Truly listen and see if the physical symptom can be a symbolic message regarding something that’s going on in your life. If your body’s asking you to slow down, slow down. Your physical responses to certain foods and substances can be your body's way of guiding you to a better diet, too. The better you take care of your physical body, the more intuitive and energized you will become.
(Whispers of Healing Oracle)

Card of the day for Wednesday the 17th of January:
Today’s energy is especially about your resourcefulness. Have faith in your ability to find and attract the resources you need and also how good you can be when it comes to practical solutions. During the day, if you find yourself running around like this little squirrel to get things done, please slow down and take a breath! 🐿
(Secret Language of the Animals Oracle)

Feline Therapy😍

Card of the day for Tuesday the 16th of January:
Today we are being invited to open our hearts to love. There's nothing more healing for your spirit than giving and receiving love. It literally is in the air —being beamed from the Cosmic Heart, straight to our heart chakras. Don't be surprised if you feel like you need to feel loved or give love to others a bit more than usual today. You can also ask Archangel Chamuel to bring healing and peace to your heart chakras.
If you have any rose quartz, keep it on or near you to radiate its loving energy and keep you aligned with the cosmic heart.
(Lightworker Oracle)

Card of the day for Monday the 15th of January:
Don't you think it's time to stop putting yourself and your potential down? You're capable of so much more than you often give yourself credit for. Your strength can also inspire others as well. It all starts with one brave soul, and that one brave soul can be you! There's a difference between force vs power. You can be powerful without forcing anything or anyone, and act with kindness and grace. That's the kind of majesty today's card is inviting us to experience. It'll also allow you to tap into your inner-wisdom by aligning with your higher-self.
Today's Deck: Dragon Oracle Cards by @dianacooperangels

Card of the day for Sunday the 14th of January:
When you choose to walk a higher spiritual path, you’ll need to follow up on your choice with your attitude, habits and activities. Your spiritual practice isn’t something that needs to be separate from your everyday responsibilities. They are actually utilized even better when integrated to your daily life. Today’s energy will invite you to engage in spiritual activities like yoga, meditation, divination, etc. You’ll notice the energy surrounding you and your space shift for the better — to a more peaceful and harmonious environment.💛
Today's Deck: Dragon Oracle Cards App
by @dianacooperangels

Card of the day for Saturday the 13th or January:
Shhhh.... give your mind a break. Take some time off from the serious stuff for and choose joy and laughter instead. Play! While you’re busy having fun, a lot takes place within your energy fields. Laughter cleanses your aura and joy you feel raises your vibrational frequency—you start attracting better situations, people and resources. Taking a ‘fun-break’ can also do wonders for your creativity. You’ll benefit from this break if you feel like you’ve hit a proverbial wall OR getting more ideas than you can catch up with. 🌸
(Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards)

Card of the day for Friday the 12th of January:
This is a time of transformation for the planet and for us individuals. As we change and make decisions, it’s important that these decisions come from our spirit. Choose what gives joy to your heart and start leaving behind situations, habits, thoughts and all that is no longer serving the highest good. There’s no need to hurry or rush though. One step at a time. Just making the decision to do this is a step on its own. 💖
(Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards)

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