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Jay McGuiness 

He's gone and pulled. Love you forever @tomparkerofficial. Yo @being_kelsey you're a lucky gal. #welldeserved #reallove #girlpower

Want to know why going meat-free is a good idea?
1. A mostly plant-based diet can reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.
2. 80 percent of tropical deforestation stems from agriculture.
3. 56 billion farmed animals are killed for human food every year.
Pledge your support! @WorldMeatFreeWeek #WorldMeatFreeWeek #ProtectorsOfThePlanet #vegan #vegetarian #meatfree

Hey it's only 2 weeks away from @WorldMeatFreeWeek! Which meat-free meals will you be cooking up from 11th-17th June? (I feel like some of ours will be the same...) Swapping even just one meal to meat-free will make a HUGE difference to our planet.
Pledge your support at - C'mon don't make me beg it's only one meal! Easy peasy nice n breezy!

OK, it's crazy that if just 1 person has a meat free meal during #WorldMeatFreeWeek, they can save the equivalent daily water usage of NINE people! It's only one meal, why not join me, this will be fun, share with me your meal ideas. Let's get eating!
Also look at me fail at instagraming in the last one.

#vegetarian #vegetariano #veggie

To the tune of Popeye: "Strong to the finish, 'cause I eats me spinach. I'm Jay Bird the..." (Finish the rest!) Thank you to @lindamccartneyfoods what a blast!
#Vegetarian #NationalVegetarianWeek #vegetariano #vegetariancooking #veganfood

It's National Vegetarian week. Don't worry, you don't have to become a vegetarian, you have to kiss one.
Just kidding.
Me & @lindamccartneyfoods are sharing some meatless recipes for everyone to try, why not try one this week, see how you feel, the planet will feel amazing for it. 🌍❤️ #LindasVeggieTable

Did you hear?! So I'm supporting #WorldMeatFreeWeek from 11th - 17th June. Follow @WorldMeatFreeWeek & see how swapping in just ONE meat-free meal throughout the week can make a maHOOssive difference to our planet: #CmonItsEasy #savethepigs 🐷#savethecows 🐮#savethechickens 🐥
#savethefishes 🐟
#savetheworld 🌍
Oh and

(Apologies if I sound preachy) I'm here growing up and trying to learn; sometimes the best way of learning how strong you are is when you need to be there for others. PS I am great to nap with/on.

Suns out, ankles out. #HiJays

Life imitates art...

Sorry Lauren, all the love was for my boy Siva. Room of my favourite souls, thank you @sivaofficial @thelaurenchavez @thomasaugusto & co #laurenchavez #jaymcguiness #sivakaneswaran #thomasaugusto #hufflepuff #dirtylaundryla

Every day is sibling day when your siblings are amazing. Anyway, today's an opportunity to say I love you guys so much: holidays, garden-holidays, ferry to Ireland, the Catholic Club, putting bacon in my shoes, making fun of mum and dad, frogs in the garden, Sean's adoption, getting a niece and a nephew, too many memories, winters and summers to list on an Instagram post. But any room with us 5 in it is a room I wanna be inside. VIPs
#nationalsiblingday #ActionMan #Vegetarian #WizLooksLikePamHere

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