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Birds of Tokyo 

Just announced…we’re performing at the Closing Ceremony of the @InvictusGames2018 in Sydney in October.
Join us and competitors from 18 nations for a celebration to cap off an amazing week! Head to their website via their Instagram page for more info! 🥇🏆

Right now, the Federal Government is proposing to wind-back nearly four million square kilometres of protections for our pristine marine parks – that’s a total area larger than Victoria and Tasmania combined. If it goes ahead, it would be the biggest reduction in marine parks to have ever taken place – and it will have devastating impacts for our oceans and the precious creatures that inhabit them. We have a chance to save The Marine Parks – sign the petition now at (link in instastory) 🐠🦈🦀

Hi guys, I’m turning 10 today :) In 2008 my parents hired a beach shack for some reason and tried to figure out how to make a rock record…Instead they sat around with bad haircuts, drank cheap beer, played UNO, pretended to be important, fooled around and made me.
I grew up thinking people didn’t like me but then as I’ve gotten older (yes, i’m only 10) people tell me all the time that im their fav in our family…so ahh suck shit to my brothers and sisters!
Life has been pretty good so far. I have a lot of friends. My parents are lame. I can’t wait to finish school. My older sister Day One likes to tell me that she’s older, cooler but I’m more popular at school ;). She tries too hard.
I have a younger brother who is half Swedish..he’s never had a name tho and kisses stuff at night or something Swedish like that. Weird kid. Loves meatballs.
Most people know my younger sister Marchfire, she’s ok i guess, but she was born in LA and drinks a lot of mocha lattes even though she’s only like 5. She’s a bit of a hippy or kinda christian or something. Light this, light that…yawn. She was a bit of an overachieving pop star when she was born and likes to remind us.
My baby brother Brace is screaming and carrying on agaaaaaaaain this morning. Hes an angry little baby. I don’t know why he’s so frustrated all the time.
I think its mum and dads fault.
Us kids are all so different and we reckon its coz they never have ANY idea what they are doing. urrrghhh old people are idiots.
Oh we have a new brother or sister on the way too. Will probs be a crying whinging little soft pop baby poo machine. How annoying! Anyway off to school now, thanks for listening, Universes.

Our boy Westy loves to tub. Tub tub tub, tub tub... @remopercussion #teamremo

Bunbury! 🤙🏻 Tickets on sale 9am (Perth time) Monday 11 June

Film clipping! Getting into character.

That’s a wrap Mr Kenny!

Had a blast at the APRAs and picked up a shiny doughnut for Rock Work of the Year for ‘Brace’! Big thanks to @apraamcos​ and lotsa love to all the people that helped put the record together. Always great to catch up with Michael Gudinski and the fine folk at @mushroomgroup. Birds x

Hey everyone! We’re performing a free all-ages concert as part of @sota_festival in Perth on WA Day Monday 4 June. For more info head to link in our story. See ya there!

Geeeez we are lucky guys. Two nominations for one category! Thanks for support everybody! Now back to this new record ☺️ Yewwwwww @apraamcos


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