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birdbee0705  Princess BB and Knight Jiujiu are our beloved Japanese White-eye birds. They are like flying puppies who love being with their human.

The video and these photos were taken when Jiujiu was a birdling.
He was such a cuuuuuuuuute baby!
Now he is an adorable big boy.
翻到以前幫啾啾拍的影片跟照片, 真的好萌好可愛啊!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #thecutest #birb

What a curvy beauty !
😍😍😍😍 公主真是豐滿圓潤的正妹

#thecutest #birb

Jiujiu : Yeah, I am a handsome boy. 😏🐥
The ugly birdling is turning into a beautiful bird. Compared to his juvenile period (the 2nd pic), Jiujiu is getting much better. Although his belly feathers are a little messy and too thin, he is absolutely a gorgeous boy.😆👏👏👏

#thecutest #birb

I love and look after my birdies like children, especially princess BB.
She is like our sweet little daughter who is very attached to her "parents". Compared to BB, Jiujiu is more independent although he is much younger.

Of course I love Jiujiu as well, but I have to admit that BB is always my favorite "child". She is a precious and unique jewel. 👑🐦💎💕💕💕
兩隻鳥寶我都愛,但是在我心中,BB公主還是那個最讓人憐愛的小女孩兒。🐦❤❤❤❤ #thecutest #birb

Whose cute butt is this? BB's or Jiujiu's?

🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑😆 #thecutest #birb

My delightful princess BB😍
#thecutest #birb

Jiujiu is not that crazy about qtip massage as BB is. He prefers being petted like this.

Jiujiu 不像公主那麼喜歡被棉花棒梳毛,他比較喜歡用手指這樣子輕摸。😴😚😚😚
#thecutest #birb

Can you distinguish the differences between BB and Jiujiu ?😄🐦🐣
😄🐦🐣 #thecutest #birb

BB: Let me show you how to enjoy the royal qtip massage.
Jiujiu: Uh…I am not sure I like it…Hmmm…I am okay with it.😆
#thecutest #birb

Jiujiu looks like a teeny tiny cute aircraft.
可愛小飛機啾啾 🛫🛫🛫🐣🐣🐣 #thecutest #birb

BB: I feel blue. That little guy eats my food and steals all the attention belongs to me.

The 2nd pic was taken when BB was at Jiujiu’s age.
She was a born beauty with a natural charisma.
She is always so beautiful like a noble princess.
Compared to BB, Jiujiu has some problems with his feathers growing.
It’s Day 10. Jiujiu’s plumage is still too thin and looks messy.
I think it may have to take Jiujiu one year to regrow new pretty feathers.
God bless the poor little thing.

#thecutest #birb

Jiujiu may not be strong enough, but he is very smart. He learned his name on Day 2.
Now when we call him, his tiny wings will vibrate. So adorable !
Pic.2 It's Day 9. He gains more weight.
啾啾雖然羽毛發育慢,腦子倒是挺好,來家裡第二天就學會自己的名字。 一叫他,他就震動小翅膀,超可愛。
🐣🐣🐣🐣 #thecutest #birb

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