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Birch Hollow Farm  We have a herd of small, friendly and manageable cows and calves that make great animals for anyone to raise their own beef. We also sell custom beef.

Finished smoking the turkey. Came out awesome. Tender, juicy and a great smoke. This will just be a treat today along with a venison shoulder roast. We will also have roast turkey with all the fixings thanks to @katiehorn1010

Smoked first turkey yesterday. Thanks to @mixmastermonte for the brine recipe even though I had to modify a bit based on what was available in the house. Tough to control Temp evenly but did ok. Used up some scrap wood and pulled some wild grape vine. 225 ish degrees for 6 hours to internal temp 145-150.

Combine emptying into the grain cart. The cart has scales on it to track weight and the Combine has yield sensors to track the bushels. This year has been lower production than last year due to colder than normal temps all summer and too much water early on.
#kernels andcombinesandgraincartsohmy

They started picking the corn last night. The Combine has points that go between the rows. The stalks are cut and the the stripper rolls with chains pull the stalks into the head. Everything is cut up but the whole kernels are carried up into the hopper. The rest of the plant is blown back on to the field and provides organic matter to soil. When the hopper is full the kernels are transferred to a grain cart or truck for hauling back to the grain bins so the Combine can keep going..this corn will be ground into a meal to add starch and energy to the dairy cow's diet. This will open up some deer and pheasant hunting areas.

Cows enjoying some hay next to the solar panels on a cold sunny day. Sunshine running the panels which powers the farm. Sunshine also grew the hay this summer that is powering the cows. Actually the hay is powering the microbes in the cow's rumen and those organisms are powering the cows. Plants capture sun's energy using CO2 and water and convert it to sugar/fiber/energy for the plants to grow and oxygen into the air. Cows eat that stored sugar/energy/fiber in the plant and the microbes break that back down into energy for the cow. So the cows are eating stored sunshine. Also when the microbes die they are digested by the cow's enzymes into amino acids that provide the majority of the cow's protein as well. So actually milk and steak are stored sunshine.... Quite a system.

My afternoon stand yesterday before attending the Tractor Parade. This is one of my favorite stands but the wind shifted out of the south which is blowing my scent right up this draw. I love the look and feel of this spot on the farm sandwiched between the upper corn field to the West and the hardwoods to East it runs North:South into a creek bed with some steep ravines that funnel the deer...

From the tree stand to the tractor parade because Merica.... Greenwich, NY has had this parade for a few years now and it has become one of the great events of the year... gathering with friends to celebrate the harvest and rural life...and maybe sip a little Bourbon...or Tequila...or local brew... A cold rainy night did not squelch the enthusiasm... because Merica...

25 feet up but emotions even higher. Opening day deer season. Haven't seen any shooters (4.5 year old buck) on camera but you never know. Doe for the freezer is always appreciated. Sharing stories and experiences with friends and family makes the whole season special and brings the rural community together. This is the only vacation I take for me each year. I can sit in a tree for hours on end and enjoy every Chickadee, Titmouse and squirrel....ok to be honest the squirrels kinda piss me off sometimes....Red Squirrel and Grey Squirrel are noisy and combative and they never stop. They make every crunch of a leaf sound like a deer...damn they are annoying... anyway...hope to fill the freezer with venison and see lots of action even if I don't take a buck...

Pinky's heifer calf is now running up to get grain everyday and her cough is almost gone now. Keeps making progress. They line up so organized and cooperatively with only a little jockeying for position...I like the variety of color in their hair

One of Headwaters of Ausable River from Lake Placid. Few days off with the woman who swept me away like the water over this spillway. "I have moments when I curse the rain, then complain when the sun's too hot. I look around at what everyone has... and I forget about all I've got...But I know I'm a lucky man, God's given me a pretty fair hand. Got a house and a piece of land, a few dollars in a coffee can...my old truck's still running good, my ticker's tickin' like they say it should..got supper in the oven, a good woman's lovin, and one more day to be my little kid's dad..Lord knows I'm a lucky man..." Montgomery Gentry
RIP Troy Gentry

Walking to the outflow of Lake Placid which empties into the West Branch of the Ausable River. Pretty cool tree configuration. Maybe I can snare Margaret like Wiley Coyote trying to catch Road runner? "Road runner, the coyote's after you, roadrunner if he catches you your through. That coyote is really a crazy clown. When will he learn that he never can mow him down? Poor little road runner never bothers anyone, just running down the road's his idea of having fun..." #ausableriver

Margaret and I came up to Lake Placid for a few days thanks to an offer from a friend with an empty time-share to split for the week. Turns out the power company had a planned power outage for the whole village for major upgrade. Power out from 9PM until 5AM. They gave us an LED lantern and 2 bundles of wood. It's 4:30 this morning and even though it's not very cold I started the fire. Nothing like the snap, crackle pop of a good dry wood fire. One match fire is always my goal and I was successful again...

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