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Dinner prep palette.

View overhead, just finished my first run since my injury five months ago where I didn't have to stop and stretch my foot or walk - *and* I hit a 9:16 mile. Hell, I even smiled while I ran - feeling like I'm finally back! What has you smiling today?

After a rocky start to my morning, I've evened out and found my groove again. I actually tend to love Mondays, as we work seven days a week, Monday is just another day in the workweek, except it's my day to get caught up after being in an #airstream for nearly thirty hours straight. After a successful run to the local woodworking shop to pick up specialty lumber, I'm sending out a couple of emails right quick and then popping back out for grocery shopping and then painting @siyazarrabi and @hopscotchtheglobe's Airstream home for @themoderncaravan. The days are never ending and I might've had a full on crying breakdown pre-coffee this morn, but truth be told - I love every single second of this, because I am doing everything that I love. Sure, it's stressful - and I'm scared shitless - but I'd rather this life than anything else.

Butterflies are often seen to represent endurance, change, hope - and they have been ever-present during this shift and season in our lives, not just fluttering around in the distance, but in our paths or settling nearby, gentle reminders that we'll get through, we'll finish this season of chaos strong, and we're almost there.

Post-thunderstorm and evening run, undressed and heading for the shower, and then this.

So ready to call this space home.

Loving these days of bare arms and feet.

That day you flew into the Airstream, fluttering your wings in haste and confusion until you settled here, on the window next to me, and you waited. You waited as I wrote, and cried, and watched the clouds for signs of rain. I had no one that day, and it's as if you knew and you didn't mind, and you didn't need anything from me like everyone does now. It was only when I rose from my seat that you did too, and together we went out the door and into the breeze.

Work / day

Sometimes it's good to take a breather, step away from work, and go to the salon to make your hair look like it did when you spent that almost-year living on the road because you loved it, and then have your wife take a photo, because you can't make it look this good tomorrow after your morning run and shower.

Current shelf vignette.
Woven basket on top shelf, gorgeous Nemadji vase with varying pink tones and brass mid-century bowl now available in my shop. #linkinprofile

some people

when they hear

your story,



upon hearing

your story,



this is how


know. - nayyirah waheed
Thank you, @athousandroads.

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