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Bio-tiful Dairy  A range of delicious nutritious dairy products packed full of billions of gut friendly Kefir cultures. Re-defining dairy #DairyDoneDifferent 🥛

We’re so excited to have our very own pop up store in old street station this week! Full to the brim with Kefir & Kefir-Quark for just £1.. not to mention a competition wheel that could bag your whole office a supply of Kefir 🙌😆 come and say hello!! Here everyday 7.30am - 7pm until Saturday 20th! #biotifuldairyoldstreet #popup #kefir

It’s not often we toot our own horn but it’s ok once in a while right? Our Kefir is not only delicious, it’s high in both vitamin B2 & B12, high in calcium, high in protein, and contains no refined sugar! and best of all it’s packed full of gut friendly cultures that work hard to keep us happy and healthy 😊👌🏻 #kefir #guthealth #delicous

Fancy winning a ticket for you and a friend to attend @stylistlive ’Festival of Inspiration’ event in London Olympia either Friday 9th or Sunday 11th Nov? 4 pair giveaway! There will be food, beauty, comedy, experts and fashion exclusives -
This is a weekend not to miss! Comment below with the thing that inspires you the most in life - can be a person, place, favourite quote, anything! The winner is the person who inspires us the most… Winner announced 19th Oct :)
#stylistlive 🤩🤩

Did you know that by balancing your gut bacteria through cultured food and drink such as Kefir, you can absorb up to 40% more protein from your food! Happy gut, happy muscles! 😆#protein #kefir #guthealth

Sunday treat of Kefir-Quark drizzled with Honey. Yum Yum Yum!! 🤩#kefir #quark #guthealth #delicious

When life gives you Bananas...Make Kefir Banana bread! 😍 Truly scrumptious recipe found here -
#kefir #guthealth #bananabread #yum

Hippocrates said more than 2000 years ago, that ‘all disease begins in the gut’ and science today has proved that the gut is a highly complex ecosystem, location to over 70% of our immune cells! So it’s safe to say he was definitely on to something! 😆
#probiotics #guthealth #loveyourgut #kefir

3 simple tips to promote a healthy happy gut... 1 - Eating your last meal of the day before 6.30pm (as frequently as possible) Later in the day our bodies slow down and digestion becomes more sluggish.

2 - Eat small simple meals
3- Eat/ drink fermented vegetables and cultured foods like Kefir :)
#probiotics #kefir #guthealth

Todays western diet is very low in fibre (by historical standards). As hunter gatherers, we were likely eating a whopping 10x more fibre each day than we do now. This has dramatically changed our gut flora and is said to be at the root of many digestive and immune issues. So, with that in mind... Tumeric, Chickpea & Carrot Kefir Dip! Link in bio 🤩 #kefir #guthealth #fibre

Let's celebrate all the amazing things our guts do for us! More than 70% of human immune system cells live in the intestines! That means your gut flora has a direct effect on how you feel each day. Working hard to keep you healthy and keep those bad guys at bay. So why not say thank you to YOU and feed your gut with the friendly cultures it needs to stay fighting fit #loveyourgutweek #kefir #guthealth #biotifuldairy

Kefir contains essential amino acids and minerals such as magnesium which have a calming and relaxing effect on the body. That makes Kefir the perfect night time snack ready to kick back and chill 😆#kefir #healthy #guthealth #minerals

Did you know the term ‘Probiotic’ derives from the Latin and Greek word ‘For Life’ - Quite fitting if you ask us! #probiotics #kefir #biotifuldairy

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