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Kelly Stokes 

Finally got around to it. Thoughts and reflection on Kona 2018.

Ready as I'll ever be! (Limited pics as my phone died)

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This is a tough post to write and certainly one I hoped I wouldn’t have to write.
Sadly Portsmouth Tri-ing the Channel had to abort our Channel swim attempt.
Unpredicted conditions meant tougher seas than forecast and three members of the team (including myself) suffered severe sea sickness. After 6 hours the pilot of the boat deemed us unfit to continue and decided to turn back.
Gutted, down but not out.
#channelswimming #seasick #downbutnotout #swimming

The Channel swim waiting game continues but it means I’ve finally done some updates....

#lejog #channelswimming #waitinggame #roadtokona

2 girls
2 bikes
8 days
900 miles
50,000ft of climbing
5 countries
4 ferries
9 scones
27 flat whites
1000’s of skittles
Even more sheep.
Heat, sun, wind and torrential rain.
LEJOG you were so much more than statistics. Such a fun adventure I wanted it to go on for ever.
Until next time.... #lejog

When you take cooling your @erdinger.alkoholfrei just a bit too far.... #oops 🤦🏼‍♀️

Let’s go an have some fun....
For those tracking I’m number 142, Adam is 1722.
See you on the other side!
#challengeroth2018 #challengeroth

For all the many (2) who have been asking, finally I’ve updated the blog from the last 6 weeks.

Long distance triathlon kit (2 piece)
Fit a female with hips (because here’s a thing, most women have these!) Not wear out on the inner thigh (funnily enough us girls have meat on our thighs!) No sausage legs (see comment above)
Doesn’t ride up! (I don’t have a 6 pack and don’t want to flash my belly!) Functional - some well positioned pockets for nutrition would be nice, maybe sun protection?
Performs well - (just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I don’t want to to be dirty fast!) Looks good - (AND THIS DOESN’T MEAN MAKE IT IN PINK!) Answers on a postcard PLEASE!
Approaching IM number 12 &Kona #2 and I still haven’t found decent kit 😫

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If breweries did triathlons.....oh wait! Thanks @ringwoodbrewery for supporting another great #ResultsTriathlon #Ringwood Tri.
Despite a puncture it was worth braving the cold at the finish line 😊🍻yum!

Such an amazing finish to the duathlon series. Congratulations to @cookie1789 for an awesome series. 7/10th of a second must be a record! Bravo champ!
Thanks @runpompey and @portsmouthtriathletes for amazing support as always.
More thoughts here -
#duathlon #triathlon #portsmouth #rivals #friends

Great memories from a great event. Thanks @portsmouthtriathletes for being awesome!
#portsmouth #triathlon #greatteam #duathlon #rainwhatrain #teamspirit

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