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fangirl (she/her)  ao-YES (mostly) #agentsofshield #fitzsimmons #womenofshield make way for the feels train icon @aoscenes started 3/28/17 etsy shop in link below!

since season five is about to wrap I felt like this would be the best time to do this!! okay whether you’re a writer, director, in advertising, hair, makeup, costumes or anything else, I wanted to say that we appreciate you :)) we don’t thank you all enough. you’ve done so much for the show and it wouldn’t be the same without you!! ❤️❤️thank you all @shaynsanford @mmass5 @motancharoen @misterkarate @rjagentofmu @thestevechen @simplykaren23 @lorimadrigal10 @hannahbetts1 @wendilynnmakeup @whitneyhg @mellw2lls @rpage03 @darajaramillo @ktanch @paigeehhanley @ann.foley (i know this isn’t all of you I’m sorry, i tried to keep the photos from the #shield100 party!!)

I’ve had this account for one year and a few days now and opening it was an amazing decision :)) this fandom is full of sweet, amazing, creative people and I’m so happy that I have been able to talk to even a few of them. thank you to everyone who made this account actually turning out possible!! for the one year anniversary of my account, I asked some of my closer friends to tell me their favorite ship and favorite scene of Agents of SHIELD or another Marvel show. to everyone who helped me ANSHFNFND LOVE YOU ALL!!!
@simmonsfitz.monkey • Tessa, you are amazing. You’ve been one of the nicest people to me since I opened up this account. I always love looking at your account and you always make me laugh. You’re I wish that one day I could meet you ❤️ you’re perfect!!
@agentromancff • Maddie, we honestly don’t even talk enough. I feel like I’ve known you forever already. Even if I’m walking you through how to fix your iMovie, also we’re sweatshirt twins now!! 💞
shieldfansunite • thank you, for helping me with my account and showing me the way when I have absolutely no idea of what to do 💗 you’re so creative and I’ve loved your account since the beginning!!
@_justashieldagent_ • TIMI YOU ARE AMAZING LET NO ONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE, YOU MUST BELIVE THAT TOO. your edits are fantabulous (wow autocorrect lets me type that) and you’re forgiving, creative and what how are your drawings so good! I’m so happy I could have gotten to know you ♥️ @meaghans_13 • thank you for sliding into my DMs that day and commenting on a bunch of my posts. you’re so sweet!! I’m so happy I could help you :) thank you for being amazing and helping me get to 600, that meant so much to me and it still does ❣️I love that you respond to my story so much and how supportive you are. thank you for everything!!! 😘
@quakingtheskye • we don’t talk enough anymore but I’ve loved your account for a long time :) keep being fantastic!!
@agent.delenry • KATE OOHHH or noodles, you’re funny and nice and your video edits are perfect. I’m so happy I could have been part of your collab 💘

daisy johnson // girl on fire by alicia keys
enjoy please!! im trying to develop a new editing style... coming soon!! scene pack from @fandomfeministaos -
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last night was the one hundredth episode of the greatest show on earth. and yes you can quote me on that. I absolutely love this cast and crew to the end of the earth. chloe, liz, natalia, ming, mo I love you to pieces. thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams and giving me even more powerful women to look up to. clark, iain, henry thank you for raising my my expectations of men :) . I wish I could be in california celebrating with all of you! I am deliberately trying to keep this spoiler free but the episode was fantastic. We should be thanking you. I cannot wait to celebrate 200 episodes 😘 yah the cast and crew please? #shield100 #renewagentsofshield #renewaos #agentsofshield100episodes

since it’s #SHIELD100 and this has started to be a tradition on my account here’s another!! comment something to put on my wall, nice random anything :)) tagging as many people as I can, sorry if i couldn’t fit you in💗

I know I’ve been here for a while BUT OMG 600 ?!?! I’ve had this account for less than a year and I know I’m not the fastest growing account but this is crazy. I still remember being at like 50 followers and being scared to talk to anyone with more than 200. Everyone on here has been so nice :) shoutout to @fitzsimmons.monkey @shieldfansunite @agentromancff @_justashieldagent_ @meaghans_13 @melinda_mayy @maos_fitz_simmons @quakingtheskye @agent_reign @books_are_stressful @mrs.bobbiwinchester and like a million other people for being incredibly sweet and welcoming!

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