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Biobloom Organic Products  Natural & chemical free personal care products and simple, DIY beauty, skin, hair care remedies & tips!

Wishing all all our fellow Indians A Happy Independence Day!

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This Independence Day give your Skin FREEDOM from CHEMICALS!

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@indianflawlessbeauty reviewed our Jasmine Face Mist & said "I’m in love with this from Day 1 itself. It has a very mild jasmine fragrance which helps to soothe and freshen up our skin. I absolutely love its balanced fragrance of jasmine. It keeps the skin moisturized and doesn’t dry it out." She gave us a 5/5!
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New Arrival - Hair Cleanser - Nourishing & Anti Breakage

This Nourishing Hair Cleanser is enriched with Brahmi, Hibiscus & Amla extracts. It nourishes your hair and helps in undoing daily wear & tear reducing breakage. Chemical Free formula makes it gentle & suitable for everyday use.

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Good friends are hard to find, Harder to leave, & impossible to forget!

#HappyFriendshipDay #FriendshipDay

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As clichéd as it may sound, I think our friendship is unique and beautiful. We might not call/talk to each other everyday but we know that we are there for each other. I never had a sister but if I had to, I wish she was like her. @barnali58 is friendly, sweet and most of all funny. She has that innate ability to crack me up every time with her witty one liners and glides through life with ease and grace.. I learnt a lot from her and continue to do so ❤😘 #biobloomfriendshipdaycontest #Selfiewithbestie #friendshipday

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Another year of our friendship has gone by.And I just want to thank you @minhaskajal for your Presence, Your Patience, your ever ready shoulder and your last minute rescue plans for me.
Yes! I am the troublemaker but you are the one I adore. You've known me inside out in such a short period of time. You've seen all my phases..and still have stuck around.
Not that You haven't troubled me, times like when you got your cat to scratch the hell out of me, times when you didn't let me sleep enough, times when you've irritated me with your "LOVE" !
Look! I'm still with you.. And So you are with me. :D
You have seen me GROW ...from nothing to something.
She's my ALLTIME .. #PartnerInCrime of being a "Movie Maniac".. Same preferences of comedy..thrillers. And not to forget that we hate visitors who join us! know you are my BEST FOODIE PARTNER! White sauce , pasta - Anytime , Anywhere .
Yeh #DostiNaiTodenge kabhi bhi cause This Deranged but Adorable person is my life and I don't know what I'd do without her craziness in my life.
****WE BOTH ARE SPECIAL TO EACH OTHER because We have had our share of "TOO MUCH OF LOVE " ..."HATRED FOR EACH OTHER" ..We have a "CRAZINESS" .. And all the stupid things we did together!
Just stay as you are! ****
I love you so so much..💋❤💙 baaki to you know how much you mean to me.. Bas ye mat bhulio
"Mai tamancha Tu meri goli " 😆😇😍😘 Love you dher saara...😘😘
#MeAndMyBestie #FriendshipDayContest #biobloomfriendshipdaycontest #SelfieWithBestie

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@biobloom @pragati.anand #selfiewithbestie #friendshipdaycontestwithbiobloom
We have very similar perspective of life and that's what makes it unique!

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