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BINUS SCHOOL Serpong  Discover Your Potential, Champion a Better Future Jl. Lengkong Karya - Jelupang no. 58, Tangerang P : 021-53696961 ext 5101-5104

It's an exciting beginning for this AY 2017-2018. Our seniors showed their talents and inspired the freshmen how great they could be in this Home for Learning. Hope you have a great and unforgettable school years ahead, students! Good luck! #ahomeforlearning #greaternusantara

Mark your calendar, Alumni! We will have our Grand Alumni HomeComing on August 19, 2017 at 10am. Don't forget to register yourself on
See you!

"I will get back up again" a song that says the graduates' minds. There will be challenges ahead, but we know it will not bother them. It's hard to let them go, feels just like yesterday they came to us, now they are all graduated from Elementary. Keep chasing on your dreams and as the song says, don't give up. You always have our support #ahomeforlearning #greaternusantara

What a touching moment to see our little ones growing up to elementary level. Keep growing little BINUSIANS, keep shining the world #ahomeforlearning #greaternusantara #graduation

Yes we need to be up to date with the world's trend, but don't forget our originality, which is Indonesia. Look at what we did, we had lot of fun with Indonesian culture. Proudly doing our culture is not old school at all, instead it could be really exciting and beautiful. Let's bring up our Indonesia again! #greaternusantara #ahomeforlearning

How proud we are to have them in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. We do have various amazing talents, from academic, sport, to music, and we want to appreciate them all. With this recognition, we want to motivate the achievers and all students to seriously improve whatever skills they have and be proud of it. Keep shining students! #ahomeforlearning #greaternusantara

Time does fly. They were just kids as we could remember. Now they are making their way to Middle School. This moment is so precious, looking at them, growing and getting closer to their dream. We got your backs, students. Do not give up on your dream. Wish you great luck ahead! #greaternusantara #ahomeforlearning

BINUS has really Got Talents! Our students always amaze us with their hard work to gain excellence in their gifts.We are so proud that they were enthusiastic to show appreciation to their original country, Indonesia. Stay true to your identity and be proud of your Indonesian culture, BINUSIANS! #greaternusantara #ahomeforlearning

We are Indonesia!
Selamat hari Pancasila
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We are always amazed on how talented our students are. Look at how happy they are, that's the most important for us, plus they were very good. Good job, students! Keep it up! #ahomeforlearning #greaternusantara

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