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With my love.. My life..

#besivabff we are cute.. We are crazy.. We are bff.. πŸ‘­

#loveelanic The worst date I went on wasn't because the guy messed up, it was because I got so violently sick. It was our first dinner date, and I must have eaten something earlier in the day that gave me food poisoning. I ran to the bathroom and spent a while vomiting. When I came back out, my hair was a mess and I was so pale. I also smelled like vomit. It was so embarrassing. At that point, he was relieved to see me; I think he thought I ditched him or something. I told him what happened and he said it was no problem and drove me home. We were silent the whole car ride. I was pretty nauseous and not really in the mood for conversation. I thought he'd never speak to me again, but he texted me when he got home to make sure I was okay and asked me how I was feeling. Two days later, we redid our first date and it went really well.

It has been blissful years of marriage. When we exchanged vow, I felt a void in my life fill up. It was filled with unending love for him. Marrying him was the best thing that ever happened to me. Whenever I feel low or upset, I know that his warm hug is the safest place to be. Whenever I am happy, he is the first person I think of. No matter how I feel, I know that he is always there to understand me. Looking back I’m glad I chose him.. Looking ahead I’m grateful I’ll be spending my future with him.. Nothing compares with my commitment to him.. Every single day that I spend being his wife, I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life. '' I Love You @manoj.joshi '' 😘😘😘

Thanks for these wonderful goodies ❀❀❀ @amitapathaksachar @_prashali_

Thank you so much for the gift @satrupa_arora.. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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#Smilepact Seeing them together enjoying quality time makes me happy and bring smile on my face. My Hubby is an awesome dad. He work hard to earn money but he also know that just earning money is not enough for her, he have to spend time with her and it's important to realize every kid that Dad's are not just ATM machine but also someone they can look up to as a friend, as a guide. For that he tries his best to give enough time to our daughter. He take her out to parks during weekend, spend quality time with her after coming back from office, talk to her about her day.. what she did in school, what new she learn. He even help her to finish her dinner and also make her sleep if he is himself not much tired. I feel so happy to see their beautiful bonding.. Afterall daughter's are always Daddy's little princess..

#Smilepact flowers always turn on my mood and make me smile. Had a heated argument with someone from family in Morning and I was feeling very much low and sad. But she know, how to melt me and make me smile . Just got this beautiful bunch of pink flowers from her... Thank you sweetie.. Sara gussa gayab..

#Smilepact This cute video of my daughter teaching dance to her little cousin always bring a big smile on face. Check their dance moves.. They will surely make you smile too. ☺@smilepact

#Smilepact I am smiling coz it's Sunnnnday....means Funday for me and my princess. Though Daddy is busy with his work , so mommy and princess are out on a Fun date together... ☺

#Smilepact These smiles are for weekend.. Enjoying quality time with family today.. Yummy lunch, movie, shopping..

#Smilepact turning pages of my college photo album always brings smile on my face . Those were crazy days.. This one click from my birthday is one of my most favorite, when these two πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ put birthday cake all over my face and I was looking like a snowman from top To bottom as I was wearing a white dress too and then those strong birthday bumps.. Ouch.. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡.. What happened on birthday was just a trailer of craziness , as next day when I wake up my face was all filled with pimples.. Ehhhh.. How upset and angry I was with them next day for putting so much cake on my face but this is how college life is and true friends are. Kuch khatti Kuch meethi.. And then the two take me to a skin specialist for treatment and I got my clear skin back within a week. ☺. No matter what, this was one of my most memorable bday. I have spent my life most beautiful 5 years with these two cuties, my roommates in hostel.. They were always their to share my joy, to wipe my tears, to give me strength, to make me smile when my family was miles away from me. These 5 years of my college, not only give me a professional degree, make me independent, give me beautiful memories but also two life long friends who are still a call away whenever I need them.

#Smilepact Cousins are friends that will love you forever.. I was fortunate to have a cousin close in age. Manish and me are like Tom and Jerry, can't live without each other and even can't live peacefully with each other... We fight like hell when together and We miss each other lots when apart. Even after being a mom I still feel like a kid when around him. He is my little piece of childhood that can never be lost. This picture was clicked by my hubby a month back when we two started fighting during a vacation on a silly topic. and that was he can make better pout then me.. And I challenge him to compete with me.. When he make a pout.. I literally burst with laughter.. Seriously, he is too cute to handle sometime and I love him a lot.. No matter how much I fight with him. ☺

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