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35 menus trying to be Armenian bindings.

The three of us have been eating and drinking our way through Hollywood.

I lived here around 15. 16

Found these two doing what they do outside my door!

Unbearably hot tonight.

The reason I have all these books and yep I’m even a bookbinder and book repair is because at the age of eight or so I read a Harlan Ellison book. Wow. People could write thus kind of stuff? Rest In Peace Harlan. You certainly raised the level.

Some clever person really thought this “hollow” would be sufficient for this tome.

And now a before and after of Annie Leibovitzs’ huge Taschen book. It was an interesting week. If any one is interested I can post the halarious “hollow” in the spine. Single fold made of black craft paper. #bookbinding #bookrepair #charlenematthews #taschen #taschenbookrepair

Miniature book before and after. It contains a small bible verse for each day of the year. #bookbinding #bookrepair #charlenematthewsbindery

Spent a feed hours playing with an organic mint developing mixture pin holing. Using old paper. I’ve got a few ideas to try next weekend with fresh paper and film. #pinholephotography #charlenematthews #mintfilmdeveloper

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