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billyhowerdel  A perfect Circle & ASHES dIVIDE

Moments before 10,000 wet peeps arrive here in Seatle tonight! 🙏🏻

This leg of the tour has almost come to an end. I’ve been doing double duty. Whenever possible squeezing in time to finish the new record. It gave unique perspective tethering the live and recording experience. Thank you @astonmicsusa and @uaudio !

Good morning from...

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When I was a young boy growing up in Northern New Jersey many of my weekends were spent at the VFW hall in Parkridge. When you’re five years old and there’s no other kids around you take advantage of what’s at hand. The shuffleboard table but more so the pool table became my best friend in that place. My dad was a bit of a pool shark so I learned pretty early how to plan the shot ahead of the one you’re on...a skill that goes beyond the table. I took for granted what that place was about. As far as I could tell, it was a place for my dad to drink Budweiser and shoot the shit with his peers. They ranged from the “old timers” from WWII, his Korean era buddy’s (he wasn’t in the conflict) and the youngsters from the Vietnam era. Life experience starts to give much appreciation for what the people willing to serve for us truly sacrifice. Not all the wounds are on the skin. The VFW Hall was a place for these men to keep connected. Many of them had gone through various degrees of hell. A bond that didn’t need to be spoken of. Cathartic to be with those who could unfortunately relate. Thank you Veterans everywhere. 🙏

Hey Philadelphia, we hit the stage in less than 2.5 hours!!!


Thank you Mexico City....all 37,000 of you!!!🙏🏻 this trip was way overdue.

Squeezed in some photos between making the new APC album and rehersal. First show is in 7 hours....nap time !

I’m out the door to Sacramento for the start of our APC fall tour otherwise I’d be gettin weird with @dannylohner and @drabmajesty tonight. Go fill in for me!!!!

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