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Billy Grey 

My Weapons of choice on the Fozzy " Judas Rising Tour" !# Kiesel

My InTune Guitar pick collection from the last couple of years of touring. Check out my pick packs on

Rockin this baby in Switzerland tonight!

Tracking Cyberstar guitars with Mike Pritchard and Mark Fisher at OutlawSound Studio

NFL Playoffs + Writing Session=Happy Musician

Les Pauls and Pug dogs! Thats how Im rollin this evening.

Mission Control, Get ready for CYBERSTAR!

Adding some VIBE for a new project Im a part of. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

The Fozzy spread for the evening in Kitchener Ontario

Butterfly with bulletwings

Gold Top Rockn along with a little bit of Squatchin! Lovin life with my beautiful wife and our fur babies

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