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First group with the @jprifles PSC-11. 0.665" at 100 yards.

My @spikes_tactical Crusader just got the Ultimate Tactical Upper, @jprifles PSC-11 with Ultra Low Mass BCG and Silent Capture Spring Buffer and Ultralight 16" barrel. Sexy....

Best way to start the day

@spikes_tactical Crusader assembled in 300 BLK with nickel-boron BCG, @geissele SD-E trigger, @magpul stock and grip, @geissele charging handle and @leupoldoptics LCO. Time for pig smashing.

It's a @spikes_tactical kinda day with optics by @trijicon and ammo from @fiocchi_ammunition. Don't forget to protect your ears with @3msafety

If we were born with the natural rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then we were also born with the right to defend them. Happy Independence Day.

Because life can be banal

Getting ready for elk and buffalo with @federalpremium ammo and a @weatherbyinc rifle with a @leupoldoptics scope.

Time to start assembling my @spikes_tactical lowers. @magpul is one place to start.

Which is your favorite @geissele trigger? I'm starting to like flat triggers.

@laxfiringrange getting my @trijicon RMR dialed in on my @zevtech G17 with @fiocchi_ammunition

Giving people an experience is infinitely more valuable than objects so the heavier the get, the harder I'll push.

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