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Gerardo Ureno 

I've been wanting this statue for while now. The edgelord himself, reaper, one of the 1st DPS I made my main. So glad to have finally pulled the trigger and got him. Now I wait for Reinhardt to be made. Or I'll just get them all. Lol #overwatch #reaper #blizzard

Do I even need a caption? Just imagine what we are thinking by facial expressions.
At a wedding like 2 weeks ago.

Basically me in meme format.

So I decided to reorganize the top self of my desk with some of my newer collectibles. Got to say it came out nice. #Pokemon20 #Gengar #walkingdead #deadpool

Yes I do believe this in fact it is that time. That preorder tho. Going to have to figure out who to main. #Naruro #Ninjastorm4 #ItsTime

Getting to fly a quadchopper is just one of the amazing things I get to do on my student research projects. Just learning amazing techniques to store and prep all tools is just great. I also get to be at the beach! What a amazing birthday today was. #everydayfcscience #research

Yup sounds about what I do every single day. Just move it down a few hours because 10am is better time to wake up. Photo credit to bitch @jarheadpena

While I study. I know a lot of people say t-pain fell out but I really like this mixtape. Hashtag has to be my favorite song off of it. #tpain #studyingsucks #ironway

Arctic moon @ exchange LA. Just getting started 😁😁

I guess I'll do a #flashbackFriday since I'm not going to Escape today and I'm going to miss aly&fila b2b with JOC. This is subculture night in LA with JOC. #sad #missingescape #greatlineup #trance #JOC

Red's apple ale and some chili cheese fires with pastrami. Perfect for this hot day. #redsappleale #ale #beer #sogood #bomb #abouttodigin

Drinks 😎#dtf #beer #onlyone

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