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Jessyka !  Moved to @ozthegweatandtewwible

Update 2 my life: my hair is white now and I ate a lot of ice cream and I'm pretty much happier now but I realized I like having a smaller account way better, even though I've stuck with this one for almost four years. So I'm going to be using my spam account @ozthegweatandtewwible as my main for the foreseeable future. Even though most of you who aren't ghosts are already on it I figured I'd say this just in case. I might still use this one occasionally but idk it's pretty much dead anyways

In conclusion: there is no resolution and I will always be discontent

Honestly don't really wanna talk about my issues either because they're so deep seated and complicated it would probably take thirty pages to get to the bottom of it and I don't think it would do anything but make it worse anyway

This account depresses me ! I am so fake ! Because no one wants to read about my issues ! So I act like they don't exist ! I am so exhausted of doing that ! Maybe I will stop using this account for a while !

Tfw u have so many pictures on your phone and u are so obsessed with organization that they must all go in an album that you have to combine the albums for pictures of dogs, possums, and the sky

Raise ya hand if you have an intense feeling that ur gonna die before ur twenty five and u don't know why but u can't shake it ✋

That lyfe

I had a dream that I had been reposting the same picture every other day for almost two years and never noticed

Wild Pepe


Is anyone still alive on this account

I am def not made for summer I will die soon

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