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Turns out Beto was in a punk band called Foss. They had a song called “the ballad of Al Sobrante” .. who is Al Sobrante? 😉

Check it out!

Gettin done


I love my little dorks

Hey little kid

I’m still so proud of this documentary. All of the stories are so inspiring. Corbett Redford did an amazing job directing. There are so many people that booked vets halls and garage parties, made flyers, drank beer, folded 7 inch records, published fanzines, gave people a couch to sleep on.. The spirit of punk is about freedom. People of every different background. Lost souls coming together. I guess that’s it. Punk is a place to get lost and finding yourself.. maybe. It’s different for everyone. It’s inclusive especially for the ones that felt pain or some kind of shame growing up. Kids that are angry, sad and weird and feel liberated for the first time. Draw something. Spray paint something. Write a shitty novel or poem. Write a song on that shitty guitar. Who cares if you can’t sing. Get loud. Get wasted. GET FREE! Turn it around!

Happy birthday to this incredible human being. Your heart is real. You live with purpose. A father couldn’t be more proud .. I love you Joey.. @itsjarms @swmrs #adriennesmasterpiece

Me and this lil one.. @mnnesotagirl

Rhymes with?

Thanks for the bday love! Sometimes you have to drive to the desert and sleep your car with your missus.. @mnnesotagirl

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