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billdobbinsphoto  Bill Dobbins is a photographer and videographer located in Los Angeles. He shoots lifestyle, fashion, beauty, portraits and fitness.


THIS PAINTED VERSION of Richard Pryor can't take a bite out of Muscle Barbie Megan Avalon in this Wings of Strength photo - but I bet the real Richie Pryor would have loved to.

Viviana Soldano = Pull up a floor and take your ease. #billdobbinsphoto #billdobbinsphotography #thebodyphotographer

Timea Majorova - Much alive in Death Valley. #billdobbinsphoto #billdobbinsphotography #thebodyphotographer

Shots of Tina Jo Orban for fashion portfolio. #billdobbinsphoto #billdobbinsphotography #thebodyphotographer

A RARE RAINY DAY in Death Valley, CA #billdobbinsphotography #photographer #fitandfabulous

WORKING OUT AT THE BEACH, fitness model Sebastien channels his inner Bruce Lee.

Studio photo of IFBB pro female bodybuilder Debi Laszewski.

My collaboration with ARnold on a great book. I guarantee you I did all the typing.

That purse is not as heavy as the weights Sharon Bruneau used to become a pro bodybiulder.

Alp;hie Newwman was a powerlifting champion, NPC Teenage Bodybuilding Champion and the first Ms. Galaxy. Also a gymnast and ballet dancer. Quilte a package.

Tina Jo Orban never worried that building muscles will make her too masculine.

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