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Bikram Yoga San Jose  Transform your body, your life, your world with Bikram Yoga! 44 classes per week, 365 days per year, open 15 years and growing stronger.

Quick Tip Tuesday:

How to get the full benefit of Standing Head to Knee, even in the first stage:

1. Pick up your foot ANY WAY YOU CAN
2. All ten fingers interlocked nicely 3 inches below the toes
3. Keep a nice tight grip, or as Bikram says: “don’t lose the grip or your life is over”
4. LOCK YOUR KNEE. As long as your standing leg is locked, you are getting 100% benefit
TADA! You’ve done it! 🎉

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BYSJ’s first Book Swap is this Sunday, November 18th in the lobby! Take a listen to what we just received from Karen Crouse.

It’s was an exciting weekend to help Bikram Yoga Folsom with their grand opening!
@michelevennard has a beautiful vision to spread this yoga to all and she is willing to help anyone who shares the same passion!

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I found Bikram Yoga San Jose online and went to my first early morning class. The instructor and staff were so nice and helpful in helping me to understand what to expect. That entire day after my first class I felt so much more energy, decreased stress, and alertness. My next class I noticed that the big stressors of the day didn't have my mind worrying or my blood pressure racing.

Read Mary's Full Story:

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Michele and Diane Ducharme Gardner share how even our weird "Bikramisms" like "Japanese Ham Sandwich" and "Mama give me money!" are the best way to teach big concepts efficiently.

Happy hump day! Here is a lovely picture of our owner, Michele, in her element doing a standing separate leg head to knee pose!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Standing Head to Knee “Don't skip this one. This is critical to the health of your sciatic nerve and nervous system. Keep trying! Key Point - Lift your leg up more/ body down less until it's not painful for your back to grab your foot. Make up your mind to lock your knee because it is the basis of this series and THE ONLY WAY to heal your back and knee issues." - Diane Ducharme Gardner

Keeping the studio clean is a 24/7 job... We use all the hands we can, even the little ones! 😁

Thanks to our karma yoga team for all they do to keep our studio beautiful. 🙏🙏👌💕 #bikramyoga #yogafamily #bysjlove #bikram #yogastudio #bayareayoga

Thanks to all of you who attended Diane's posture seminar yesterday! We're still soaking in all that great information. One of our favorite lessons: always, always, ALWAYS choose TECHNIQUE over DEPTH. 👍

Keep checking back throughout the week as we share more tidbits of wisdom and weekend snapshots. And please tag us @bikramyogasanjose if you share some of your own!

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Come for the yoga, stay for the community!

Diane Ducharme Gardner is in the house! Join us tomorrow for a magical posture seminar and class. Check out our website to sign up. 👍✌️🎉❤️ #bikramyogateacher #bikramyoga #bikram #yogafamily #thedialogueworks

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