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Tim Messenger  🔸Mountain bikes, hikes, and manual brews🔸 🌲Adventures in brewing wilderness coffee🌲 🇦🇺Blog at link below ⬇️


@coffee_supreme_au Rwandan Mahembe on the Aeropress for Sunday’s coffee ride with @jared_messenger03 and Dave Heading.

Perfect morning for it.
Lysterfield coffee ride with Jared, Dave Heading, and part-time Michael.

Aura Vale Lake paddle with Kingy and a drone. Launching it from the kayak was a scary experience; trusting the hand launch feature enough to just throw it out over the water. Didn’t want to take the controller so used the phone which lost signal at one point, timed out, started returning to home which was right down the other end of the lake! A mad paddle back found it hovering about 2 meters above the water where we started. Controller next time.....
@parrot_official @kingdavid1598

Good times on the water with @kingdavid1598

Sunday morning coffee ride x 5 Aeropresses.

Some things are worth getting up super early for. I’m not sure if sweating it out on the mtb trails is one of those things but the views are nice anyway.

Geisha Village Gaylee Lot 7 from @venezianocoffeeroasters
Apricot notes always seem to be prominent in Geisha’s. This one’s no exception. Strong nectar flavours and a nice sharp acidity.

@padrecoffee Guatemalan on the Aeropress yesterday. No better way to spend a Sunday morning.

Messenger Effect: 0️⃣1️⃣
Greenfield: 0️⃣0️⃣
Nasty interaction between Rodney and a tree today saw yet another ride end with a trip to hospital and a broken bike. Home now and safe but sore 📷: @toscottf
(I might look chilled in the sun in Scott’s pic but in reality I’m fighting to not throw up then pass out from that last hill)

Jury is still out on this little guy. (plastic Tetra drip brewer). Haven’t brewed with it much yet but notice a fair bit of water bypassing the coffee due to the filters not wanting sit tight into the corners. The flat packing makes it ideal to carry on the trails but the super light weight of it makes it feel unstable and like a light wind will send it spiralling off a cliff. Can’t deny that it’s made some nice coffee though.

6am pre-work espresso with the Blair Witch.
She said to say hi

Quote of the day from Scott Ferguson on yesterday’s coffee MTB ride when first-timer Andrew asked if coffee was an obsession for me:
“It’s not and obsession for him; it’s his life. That’s like me asking you “is air your obsession?”” 😂😂😂

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