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Tim Messenger  🔸Mountain bikes, hikes, and manual brews🔸 🌲Adventures in brewing wilderness coffee🌲 🇦🇺Blog at link below ⬇️

Spalted Australian Blackwood eating spoon.
This wood was difficult to carve but the result is absolutely stunning.

Somehow this picture missed getting posted a few weeks back. Embodies our Brew Rides perfectly; awesome locations, great community, and superb coffee.

Reverse loops at Lysty are proving a fun way to change it up.
Finished off the last of @5sensescoffee Heza on the Aeropress, as well as some @fincahartmann from @industrybeans through the Prismo.
Perfect winter weather and good times w/ Pete, Dave, Jared, and Rodney.

☕️ @5sensescoffee Heza
📍 Lysterfield
👠 Leg model: Rodney Greenfield
With “Wild Weather Warnings” issued for the morning brew ride, I decided rather than brewing in the wind and rain to batch brew a huge Chemex (by which I mean a large brew in a standard Chemex. Not a physically huge Chemex. That would be strange).
Chemex is one of my least confident of methods due to struggling with extended drawdowns causing over extraction. Thought the @kruveinc sifter would help this time (and it did) although the result was still sub-standard for a number of reasons:
75g in is A LOT of coffee. Sifted to remove anything <500 micron. Bloomed with 140g for 40 sec. added 400ml and not much was happening. Ended up having to lift the filter off the glass to get a flow, which tells me a lot of water was bypassing the coffee. Ended up pulling it at 8min with about 800ml through (of what should have been 1.1L). Result had the desired strength but was very sour. I was worried about it over extracting but with that volume of coffee and no fines, I guess I could have gone a lot longer and not worried.
So much to learn.....

@kruveinc have been kind enough to repost my “Cold Brews” article on their website! Cheers guys!
Head over to their website and check out all their other guest bloggers for a good read. Link in bio.

@djheading scored me some apple wood to carve with. Proving trickier than I thought with lots of hidden knots.
This is this nicest I’ve got so far which was looking great until hitting the knot in the bowl. 😒

Doesn’t really work too well. Too much agitation.

@toscottf on one of our foggy Sunday Morning Brew Rides.

Been enjoying experimenting with both filter and espresso roasts using the @fellowproducts Prismo attachment for the Aeropress. Gives espresso roasts a lot more depth of flavour than the standard Aeropress filters, but you can still get the nice fruity balance out of filter roasts too if brewed right.

Finally got around to piecing together footage from last years Buller Epic Trail ride with @franck6649 and the boys. Fast, flowy, and fun.

I’m back!
The break served its purpose and I’m back with a new article up on the website; Cold Brews.
@5sensescoffee / @longmilescoffee Burundi, a French Press, the @kruveinc sifter, and a foot of snow on a hike up Victoria’s Mt Torbreck. Link in bio.

@kruveinc were kind enough to feature my article on Wilderness Brewing! Head over to their website (or link via mine) to check it out. Tips on gear, grinding, and travel kits that ensure good coffee even when you get lost on the side of a mountain.

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