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Bijan Heravi  Athlete Representation | Sports Marketing NBPA Certified Player Agent 🏀 UMiami Law, J.D. ‘14 ⚖️📚 BE PASSIONATE ABOUT PASSIONATE PEOPLE ✨

Thank you @thesaltydonut x @intelligentsiacoffee & @lululemonmia for bringing this men’s crew together this morning. I’m so privileged to be surrounded by such likeminded, passionate leaders who have elevated themselves in their respective pursuits. Our forum aims to both, enhance one another through the sharing of our experiences and ideas, and to advance our city through the synergies of our hearts, minds, and resources. Who’s my +1 for the next one?! #CoffeeMeetUp #ElevateMiami #NoDonutsWereHarmedUnfortunately 📷: @matt_roy

Happy birthday to the man who has as much faith in me as I have in him, growing steady with each of our years together. I wouldn’t be where I am today, but for his trust and personal success. Cheers to a dude crazy enough to pay me for a job I’d do for free... No, just kidding 🤪! #BirthdayNeighbors #Approaching30 #SeeWhatIDidThere #BatmanAndRobin #BlurryPhotoClearVision

Season V in the 📚 tonight. I’m grateful for how far we’ve come, proud of how much we’ve endured, and focused on where we’re going! #ProudOfYou #OnlyTheBeginning

bubble boy.

Happy birthday to my day ☝️, @timmyjr10! Love you lil’ bro. I promise I can still beat you 1 on 1. Bet.
#YouCantSitWithUs #NotBecauseWeDontWantYouTo #ThereJustArentAnyMoreChairs #NoLiterally

Look alive look alive 👀

I’m often reminded that the greatest moments in my life came not when I was living for myself, but when I was living for others. Even grand personal accomplishments are merely investments paying out to present the best version of myself to those I care for. If I could live this day again, I would do so 10,000 times over. #OpenMicNight

Things I learned at my first Polo🏏🐎👕match:
1. You don’t have to wear a polo 👕🙅🏻‍♂️
2. The balls they hit are like those inflated bouncy balls you find at Toys “R” Us held in by bungee cords, you know, the ones you just want to drop into from the top 🏐
3. No one knows what the score is❓❓❓
4. The players complain, a lot 🍼
5. Everyone wants a picture with the horses behind them 🙄🤳🐎


WORRYING to death is not the same as WORKING to death; you reap what you sow. #SowingSeason

N []_[] sr - et

Shavin’ away all the haters! #HQvisit

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