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Oh this? It’s just the African Game of Thrones. “Black Leopard, Red Wolf" is the first book in a new trilogy by Booker Prize-winning author Marlon James, who is our guest on this week’s #ThinkAgain podcast. It’s a phenomenal chat – link in bio!
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Here’s some weird love advice that actually works: Think like a dog.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Big Think and @gretchenrubin!
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Being human. It’s complicated.

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Inequality is worse than it has ever been in American history. Should America adopt democratic socialism?

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The American experience is the immigrant experience. The story of America is the story of yearning for freedom and opportunity. Too many of those stories have lived on the margins for too long. @alexanderlizzy offers some insightful and timely thoughts for #ThanksgivingWeek

ELIZABETH ALEXANDER: America is a diasporic country. America is a country, you know, we start with native people in this land and then people were brought here sometimes involuntarily, sometimes voluntarily but in diaspora from other parts of the globe. So, of course, there’s the African diaspora largely brought here involuntary. There are people who come in diasporas from Europe under different sets of circumstances, from Asia and different sets of circumstances in continuing waves throughout American history, uniquely American. So I think that what is amazing about this place is that it has always received people who are scattered from other places and then made a mix that is uniquely its own. See more of this video at

What’s the best space program spin-off? It’s not pacemakers or smoke detectors, says former astronaut @lelandmelvin. It’s this.
“Exploration leads us to a better life; heart pacemakers, smoke detectors, all these things that have come out of the space program. But it's also not just the technological things, but it's the part that brings us together as a humanity. “I was in space on my first commission with African American, Asian American, French, German, Russian, the first female commander — people we used to fight against are now breaking bread at 17,500 miles an hour going around the planet every 90 minutes seeing a sunrise and a sunset every 45 while breaking bread listening to Sade 'Smooth Operator'. That was surreal. That blew my mind and it gave me this perspective shift when I look back at the planet, like Ron Garan's book Orbital Perspective. “And so as we do this space station thing, as we maybe go back to the moon and build a habitat, but eventually we're going to be going to another planet.” Find the full video at or!

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