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C O B S H O P . N E T  Maker of the AutoCOB™ // Handmade in USA!! // 3 Year Warranty!! // Fully adjustable!! AutoCOB Sales: DM or visit my website

Things are getting thick in here. Can't wait for tomorrow tomorrow as these ladies are on a full sprint.

My favorite spot in the whole grow room. Where the real magic happens. 220 watts in the AutoCob only room. Sour livers and northern cheese haze coming right up.

#cobshop #ledgrowlights
500 + lights sold and still enjoying every minute of building them. Convert the world to cobs.

Little early for so much frost.

Even though I'm a supporter I'm going to hit up the U.K. Vape scene and get a few hundo ml's.

#coblife #cobshop #ledgrowlights #mephistogenetics Small update of the space. Haven't watered in a week! Thanks @sustainablevillage 7gallon air pots filled with mephisto genetics, blumats, some cobs and big ass autos. 🔥700 watts over a 4x12. 16wpsf!!!

Turned a miserable task into fun with the new watering room update. Small brute barrel will be the reservoir for the 4 plants in here. Waiting on a few parts from sustainable village to arrive and it will be on auto pilot.

For anyone wondering what a cob actually is. The softer you run something the more efficient it is. Efficiency is ratio of luminous flux to power. Here is a close up of a 50w cob and you can see 234 leds driven at .21 watts each. Achieving the highest efficiency

Groove Works Print & Press. Big thank you to my man rebel over on AFN. sick printing and great customer service.

Surprised to see the hubbabubba auto busting out with the deep red. @mephistogenetics you guys got me hooked on this strain about a year ago and I'm still growing it now. #autoflowers #coblife

Just got awfully bright in here! #autocob #cob #coblife #cobshop #autoflowers #weedporn

@rongo444 here is the main part of the system. I tried to get some close ups so you could see in the cap. Hope this helps clarify things.

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