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Big Sky Bravery  Supporting those who do great things to bad people.™️ A nonprofit for Active Duty SOF.

“From start to finish, it was a humbling experience. All the things that I had dreamed to do as an adult, we’re fulfilled by BSB.”
-BSB Recipient, SOF


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Last week, we were able to start a new chapter with Big Sky Bravery, the introduction of our first Task Force alumni spouse program. We spent the week with these two heroes in classic Montana fashion, hiking, horseback riding, off road ATV’s, and an abundance of love and appreciation for what they both sacrifice for our country. They had this to say about their trip, “Big Sky Family,
Thank you guys again so much. We had such an unbelievable time. It meant the world to us. This was something that benefited us each individually, but also so much as a couple.
The recent loss of a teammate was still very fresh for both of us, and the ability to come out and be around such great Patriots, Americans and friends was a much needed blessing. Your fellowship and camaraderie was awesome.
The time we shared with each of you and your spouses was unreal. Everything you guys are doing for our organization is incredible. We are so grateful for each event we were part of while we were out there. I loved the “high point and low point” around the campfire. It was interesting for me because it reminded me so much of how our recently fallen teammate viewed and approached everything. “Cherish the successes and grow from the failures.” There was really a moment of reflection for me personally while we were doing that. The whole trip was a great balance of unique and sometimes challenging events, as well as, meaningful and heartfelt conversation.
You guys live in one of the most amazing places in this great nation. I think it is no mistake that it is filled with some of the most amazing people. Thank you all so much for what you’re doing. We truly view each of you as great friends. Please know that. We live somewhat secluded lives with a very tight circle. It means the world to me to know that the circle has grown. You’re great Americans and we are honored to serve people like you.
Thank you. Oppressors Beware”

7 miles in, you start to discover awesome things.


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Land of the free. Home of the brave. We wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. #Happy4th #America @arcteryx thanks for the jackets!

Our first Summer program, TF 16, is now complete.
With 4 more members from the SOF community finishing our weeklong program, that brings our total recipients to 71! One SOF Operator from last week, who just returned from his 19th deployment, had this to say about our work at #bigskybravery “What did Big Sky Bravery mean to me? Plain and simple, it meant my Happiness! Over the last 15+ years of service I have drastically changed as a man, and not in the good way. I was once a very happy, upbeat, outgoing young man and over the years I slowly withdrew from others and the world around me. Not only did my family see it, everyone around me could tell that I was struggling with being able to deal with demons inside, yet no one knew what to do to help me. I went through a very long, difficult divorce as a direct result of what was going on, leaving me completely alone. Big Sky Bravery helped me remember who I truly am, who I once was. It helped me remember what it truly felt like to be happy, and more importantly, finally be at peace with what has happened. For the first time in years I feel that I am able to finally move forward with my life, to be able to truly live again. Without this absolutely amazing opportunity to spend a week with my friends/teammates/brothers, I would have continued down a very lonely dark path of isolation. I am re-energized and for once looking forward to what is in store for my future. I owe my life to Big Sky Bravery and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had, it truly was the best week of my life. Thank you!”

They’re the best we have. #neverstopgettingbetter

15 deployments later. Peace.

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. Green!

Summer is off to a great start! #somewhereinMontana

Program fuel.
Fight the deprivation.


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