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ROCK-SOLID  Motivator, Rapper, Heavyweight Boxer, & Natural bodybuilding Champion ! Hardcore Training videos!

Spence, Crawford, Mikey, Deontay, Joshua .

Why I gotta fight my favorite fighter . Charlo lol.

Good sparring last weekend.

Bags don't hit back. And I'm happy about it. Lol

Toe to Toe Tuesdays! This was the very first Southpaw I ever Sparred. He has 11 years Boxing experience in the game. I learned alot sparring him. Things to do and not do. Changed my game up alot since then. This was like Round 6 and I was tired as shit! P.S. please let me know if this video looks distorted . IG been trippin!

Monday Motivation! Lets get it! That's a 42 year old man and 100% NATURAL! NO EXCUSES. HARDWORK AND CONSISTENCY PAYS OFF! 29 YEARS of training! No liquor, no Smoking, no Drugs! Do your lifting & cardio 5 days a week, eat clean Monday - Friday. Eat clean on weekends except treat yourself to 1 cheat meal on Saturday and 1 cheat meal on Sunday then get back to eating fully clean on Monday! Only drink water. - Stay Solid Big Baaaabbyyyy! - Sincerely, RockSolid

I couldn't see this whole round. Sweat was burning the hell out of my eyes. But I was on IG LIVE so I had to talk myself through it. I normally stop and wipe my eyes but I wasn't ending that round with people watching. Got me fucked up lol I was in hell for 5 minutes!

Heavyweight action!

Eye of the Tiger.

Workin on a rest day!

NOT OMARION. BUT SWOLE-MARION. LMAO! Good morning! Everybody have a great day and stay warm. Don't let the cold turn u into an ICE BOX LOL

First swolfie of 2018. Weighing in at 218. The leaner I get the harder I hit. Losing nothing but fat and water. Body looking hard back when I was 185 and 26 years old. I was 250 a year ago. Headed to 205 . I been training my ass off non stop! Boxing, lifting , Running. Tell the Boxing world IM COMING! This is and always has been ALL NATURAL since DAY ONE 29 YEARS AGO! DONT HATE IT BE MOTIVATED!

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