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ROCK-SOLID  Its ROCK-SOLID! *630,000 Facebook Fans * 3 million Youtube views * 200 million Facebook views *Rapper *Motivator *Boxer *Natural Bodybuilding Champ

Please don't call me conceited for wearing a shirt with my own picture on it. Thanks. Lol

Only reason Im even making this video is because I remember how on Facebook I had 5000 followers & people did the same shit. Nobody was supporting all the great post i created. Nobody was hitting the like button, tagging friends or saying shit. Getting 5000 views ,20 likes ,1 share & no comments. My followers never liked to give me my props on anything I do. Then I ended up on worldstar & went viral all over the net & next thing u know I got over half a million followers , the blue verified check & going viral every week and everyone who use to just watch me and never acknowledged my shit tried to get on the team & support because now that's what everyone does. Every day people asking me to share their videos on my page when they never once supported a FUCKIN thing I posted. Now I deal with that shady shit on here where people just sitting here lurking & hating acting too FUCKIN cute to hit the like button on my shit! And its FREE! Just know I peep the shade only liking shit I post that aint of me . When my hard work pays off & next thing u know I got a million followers on IG dont hop on the bandwagon. Remember how u acted like u didn't see my shit & was just waiting for me to get famous before u started supporting instead of try to help me get to the top during the struggle seeing how hard I go to motivate, entertain & inspire yall. Im posting this so when it happens & I get new followers jealous of me because I blew up I want them to see my struggle & know what I dealt with online for the last 10 years. This is my proof. 99 percent of the people following me are black and we all know black people are some of the most hating ass non supportive Muthafuckaz on the planet & they dont even support their own friends or family trying to do big things until they get big time then expect to be put on. Yall know I keep shit 100 . When im on top the world u niggas keep lurkin . Dont smile up in my face being fake talking bout u always knew id make it because imma tell u go sit your ass down! I take this shit personal!

U gotta be a beast in the gym to Build a back like a Boss! If u have not checked out my last video you're bullshittin!

I weigh 218. No pump in this photo yet. Taken before my workout. So many strangers online come to my page and say " NO WAY THIS GUY CAN BE NATURAL" Even though i show ZERO signs of steroid use and have tons of transformation photos from age 13 to 41 where u can easily see im the exact same body except just bigger with age and nothing abnormal. We are talking 28 years of experience fitness training of all kinds. What if I told u that it is possible to build as much muscle as u want and keep it without ever doing drugs as long as u train consistently, dont put anything in your body that isn't good for u , drink only water, eat healthy and constantly look for natural ways to improve your health and always seek new exercises to stay in shape? Would u believe me even though I am living proof of it or will your negative mindset convince u its impossible even though the idea of a muthafucker flying 238,900 miles into space , walking on the moon and returning to earth safe and sound has been done multiple times?

Yo its the BIGGEST BEAST IN HIP HOP ROCK-SOLID! After completing a work out on any machine I do a Century before I move on to the next machine. A Century is 100 reps. I put the weight on 100 pounds. I go non stop and at different speeds to fully contract every single muscle fiber in that body part. It will burn baby. Burn! I do not stop til i complete the CENTURY. No matter how much it sucks or hurts. U do what ya gotta do if u want them results. Ya gotta let it burn! Now TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS FOR MY PAGE RIGHT NOW !

Trying to get back into the groove of things after a 3 week lay off due to injury.

Wait for it... If u hate training legs like me u gotta find some way to make it fun lol. My legs don't grow for shit. I honestly just do it for strength and mobility. Not even for size. They just won't grow and if they do they don't stay big for very long. Weird. It's like I can train them all year and get them to a decent size and if I miss one leg workout they shrink back to normal in one fuckin week. No bullshit. So I just gave up on training for size. I train them just to keep them strong and mobile.

Left the gym feeling good! Popped in a song a friend wrote about me years ago who said i inspired her! Called Lerone. Which is my real name. One of the sweetest things a woman has ever done for me. Ill post more of the full song soon. Its dope. Not just because its about me. She is extremely talented.

At 41 years old I still stay trained to go muthafuckaz! Lol If U think Im going to be a sitting duck or prey for anybody u got me fucked up! I ain't letting my muscles, bones and joints lock up and deteriorate. The day that happens Im already in heaven bench pressing angels. Lol. Check out my last 3 videos for motivation.

3 things a hater can catch. A bus, a cold and these hands! Lol

My Motivation is this 41 year old country boy in this photo. He is from Kentucky and started lifting at 13 years old due to being bullied and made fun of for being too little and not being as cool as the other kids. He was quiet, a loner and felt like an outcast in the world. He got sick of people thinking he was a joke and brought a gun to school one day ready to kill everybody who even looked at him wrong but when nobody did that day he instead decided to turn to making music and started lifting weights to fight depression and build confidence and 28 years later he still beastin and spitting the realist lyrics. He refuses to give up on his dreams and refuses to stop training even when he is sick, injured or tired. He just keeps trying to improve and be a better version of himself every single day. And oh, he has been DRUG FREE his entire life! I don't need anyone to motivate me or push me to train. I look in the mirror and that easily pushes me to go hard as fuck! Never be satisfied. Keep improving improving improving!

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