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Found another good bakery in Tainan #startboulangerie

My two little cuties #grandnieces Eika n Yuuka
我可愛的兩朵小花 ~永花和悠花 ❤ #孫外甥女

I always love chickpeas, especially those sold at #kacangputeh cart, so happy to find this canned one ❤

😍😍😍FINALLY received the tix!!!!!!!!!
Counting down to the DAY
#Coldplay #bucketlists #酷玩樂團

Love the new feature!
IG 新的功能好棒! 可以放最多10張照片/影片❤

#晚安台北 #希望今晚不要再失眠
Gd night

耶耶耶,#說走就走短假游 明晚要播#台北#宜蘭
#新加坡 的同鄉們,記得收看喔!
Stay tuned 2/23 Singapore's Mediacorp Channel 8 8pm #TakeABreak8 featuring Tracy & Dawn in Taipei n Yilan ❤
Thanks for the happy memories! Really nice to work with u all!!!

Never doubt who u are,
Love yourself ❤

Life is like an ocean. It can be calm and still or rough and rigid. But in the end it's always beautiful. ~unknown

- 春上村樹
Explore n draw your own map 🌍🌎🌏

#愛地球 買便當都習慣自己帶容器,減少垃圾。#晚餐也吃素#我愛麵筋
Vegetarian dinner, we will always bring our own container , reduce the usage of packaging.