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Dr. Higginbottom To You !  ΩΨΦ 5-ΡΨ-18 The Most Wholesome Bruh On Planet Earth 🌏

Please come out today and help us celebrate the life of our dedicated brother ! Dr. Kevin Terrell !! 🙏🏿

Pull up to Lot R 😈 The Model Chapter In Full Effect ‼️#tsuhc2k18

Early Arrival Suggested !! You DO NOT wanna miss this ‼️‼️

Happening now


Watch Video Above For A Chance To Win
Artist -Luh P (@iam_luh_p )
Album- 50 50
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F.I.E.T.T.S 💯

Just wanna Thank God for letting me see another year ‼️‼️ It’s my 2️⃣2️⃣ Birthday 🎉😈

La familia 🐶 Minus a Few 😈♎️

As y’all may know , last year I went on a weight loss journey and I successfully lost about 40 pounds! I ended up gaining it back tho 🤦🏾‍♂️ (weight loss is a lifestyle not just a temporary thing) well about a month ago I started back on my journey and I’ve already lost 14 pounds !!! Left pic (July 11th): 294 pounds, right pic (August 17th): 280 pounds !! This time I’m doing something a little different , Shout owt to my 9 dog @sheloveqross. He gave me the formula to a high protein low carb diet !! Now I’m 14 pounds down , 30 more to go ! Let’s eat !!

The Mighty Rho Psi Welcomes TSU22 ‼️‼️We LIT All Semester ‼️‼️

This post is LONNGGGGG overdue! But I had to make it because my baby is finally coming back home from Cali tonight after 2 months ! 😋. Bruh y’all just don’t know how I feel about this girl right here. People say “man you too young to be in love, you got ya whole life ahead of you” but I just tell them , a person like this only comes around once in a lifetime! You’ve opened my eyes to a wholllleeee new perspective of life ! In just 11 months 😍🤞🏿even though we’ve been friends for some time now. I never had somebody who supported me like you have. You been there through my toughest times and I’m forever grateful ! I got a change to go across the coast just to see you and I had the time of my life 🙌🏿. We made memories that will never be forgotten & We have so much more in store cus we have a lifetime to go ! I can’t wait for you to get here ! 😘❤️ Safe Travels Baby Girl 🙏🏿 I’m waiting on you Bestfriend ! @jazz_fields123

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