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Mohammed Mustafa  Dr 💊💉 Ex rugby pro 🏉 Jujitsu competitor 🏆 l lift 💪🏽 MMA ⚔ Muslim 🕋 An Arabian enigma 🔮

Tbt to photo shoot for @protimefitness ! Lift others up and never miss leg day! The photo shoot was a lot colder then I remember #nipples #realtalk

Thank you to the team at hospital who looked after me today! The operation was a success and I'm back home now recovering! Huge 12 months ahead I'm going to be concentrating only on getting into that cage and fighting for titles #roadtorecovery #mma #bjj #whenthedrneedsadr

When you just finished your night shift and realise it's EID!! Have a blessed one! Be safe! Share the love! Forget your troubles! Keep striving to better yourself and remember It's not luck or fate it's Allah's perfect plan! #eidmubark #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #postnightshift

Happy birthday to one of my best mates @vormawah92! He is always there when I need advice! He is always there when it's leg day at the gym! He is always pushing me to better myself! If you give him an inch he ll give you a yard, he is that kind of man! Even though his mum @avrilfit4life still washes his hair(true story) he is still one of the most sincere people I know! Big love bro! #gympartner #swolemate #thebig25 #imthebetterlookingone #andheknowsit

What an adventure it's been! Medaling at the world jujitsu tournament after all the hard work was an amazing feeling! To morning jogs on Malibu beach and epic sessions at golds gym to the ridiculous amounts of donuts I have eaten and all the laughs and adventures in my huge pick up truck I had out here! Heading back home tonight but it's not over it's just the start! I ve enrolled to start a new degree in sports medicine and forward my life as junior doctor, and I'm super excited to be stepping into the cage very soon to take on the mma scene! Oh and the little thing of starting my new job in Australia in a few weeks! Hard work, commitment and a lot of love ! #americanadventure #bjj #mma #drlife #hometime #backtothegrind

That drive thru trip with the top down cruising down LA #roadtrip #singalong #winwinwin

When the man CT fletcher @c.t.ali.fletcher let's you know he is proud you know you can hold your head high! Amazing having his support in the stands while I was fighting!!

What an amazing day! I fought NFL pros I fought judo Olympians and full timers! I walked away with a bronze medal and I'm the world number 3! There's nothing to be ashamed of I'm a full time doctor mixing it with the best athletes in the world! The journey has been tough but I'm proud! Thank you to everyone at the @griphouse and @the_mma_academy I hope I did you both gyms justice !! #bjj #bronze #roadtotheworlds #proud

Thanks to the guys at PKG jujitsu for taking me in! Super friendly and super high level gym! That's why I love the jujitsu community as soon as they knew I was competing they dried my Gi for me went over some techniques and gave me some time on the mat to spar! I fight tomorrow 2:45 pm (10:45 pm UK time)! Feeling nervous but ready! Off now to have a little dip at Malibu beach then dinner in Beverly Hills! It's not a bad life this jujitsu stuff! #andthenew #roadtotheworlds #livingitup #bbj

5 years ago I lay in a hospital bed with two dislocated shoulders, that essentially ended my professional rugby career, an email came through from medical school saying my studies where terminated as I was unable to pass my practical exam with my broken shoulders. And later that day my dad came down with a fever and was taken to hospital where we found out he had cancer. In 24 hours I lost my pro contract, I was kicked out of medical school, lost my honours standing and my sports scholarship and I was losing my dad!
I wanted to give up so many times. I would break down during the day in tears and I didn't believe I would ever bounce back. It was some of the darkest days of my life. But it is at these moments in life your character is tested! There is no shame in failure the shame is in giving up.
I had 6 surgeries in 2 years! My dad battled through 6 cycles of chemotherapy! I borrowed money, I worked 2 jobs in my last year at uni to pay for my rehab and treatment. I had to fight appeal after appeal to be allowed back into medical school! This year I have balanced working 80 hour weeks on the wards and still train every day. When others would have their annual leave I would spend mine working extra shifts to pay for extra coaching sessions and to pay for me to be able to compete.
My dad is in remission, I have just been signed off for my foundation training and I ve just landed a dream job working as a doctor in Australia! I have become the Scottish champion the English champion the 2 time British champion and recently the 2 time European champion and I'm on my way to go fight for a world title!
I wouldn't be in this position without the support and love my family, friends and coaches have shown me! I need thank @jasontanmma and @the_mma_academy for picking up a broken man and believing in me from day one! I want thank my team mates @griphouse and my coach @garrychristiebjj who has worked with me one on one for months! My nutrition coach @marcos_g_dominguez for getting me into shape! And @tnutrition For always sorting me out with supplements! My best mates you guys know who you are! It's time for redemption! #andthenew #bjj #roadtotheworlds #mytime

Liverpool university medical school greatest ever! Not many experienced medical school the way we did but not many could of either! Top weekend with some of my best mates!! #classof2015 #medics #sesh #multiracial

My heart bleeds to the victims and families of this disgusting crime. I want everyone to remember it's not us vs them! We are in this together! They want to divide us! They want us to hate each other but remember the Muslim taxi drivers giving free lifts to those at the scene to the Muslim doctors helping to save lives in the hospitals! Remember just days ago the USA just signed a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia worth 350 billion dollars over 10 years. The Saudis who are bombing Yemen, who are funding ISIS, and now our governments are in bed with. Our governments allow this hate to grow because it lines their pockets! So don't give in. We are stronger together. We need to hold accountable not just these barbaric extremists but the extremists who are wearing suits and taking pictures with our kids in front of cameras and having banquet dinners at "fund raisers" while our front line emergency services staff in these attacks are going to food banks to get by. These are the issues and they affect us all! Muslim atheist Christian Jewish Hindu LGBT we need to stand up to these thugs no matter what they claim to represent or who they work for! Love conquers all !!

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