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Lee  Hella Aloha! My page of Hawaii, fun times, good food, fast cars, Raiders, Dodgers, USC, & Lakers. Relax, enjoy life and live positive!

#KitKatJapan are my one of my favorite candies. My coworkers know anytime they have a trip to 🇯🇵 to bring me back some new #KitKat Mahaloz to Mike for the plum wine and wasabi boxes. (I’m still searching for the #YubariMelonKitKats ).

Spent Saturday volunteering for #HabitatForHumanity w/son. Before today I thought HFH gave away free houses, but in reality they help with self-reliance by assisting families in getting reduced rate mortgage and then have them build their own homes alongside volunteers. Go check out their website to see how you you can volunteer/donate. You’ll be glad that you did. (P.S. props to professional construction workers, I only put in 4 hours of hammering and I’m ready to take a nap).

December 7, 1941. A date that will live in infamy. So many lives lost during the attack here on Oahu.
#PearlHarborAttack #PearlHarbor77 #HickamField #NeverForgotten #RemembranceDay #PearlHarborDay #WWII #USNavy #USAirForce

👀 Phil Villapiano pulled no punches in his interview. #Raiders

Wouldn’t it be wild if @Raiders drafted Khalil’s little brother LeDarius Mack? (Side note: their family genes are strong because one look and you can tell they’re brothers). #Raiders #RaiderNation

Even though USC lost, I’m still going to Fight On! @stevenmarin you won this time but the Trojans shall rise again!

I’ve seen social media posts arguing that Steph is equal (or greater) to Jordan. So my “old man” response is sit down millennial. Fact1: Steph has better jump shot/3-pointer than MJ, yet MJ still had a higher ppg average. Fact2: Imagine Steph on defense against legends like Dr. J, Magic, Bird, Isaiah, Dominique, Reggie, the Glove during an era where there was no zone/ no high switch defense. Now compare your imagination to the real tapes of Jordan actually defending them. Now imagine Steph in an era where forearm checks and hard fouls were legal. Steph is still great but not MJ-level great.

Happy Veterans Day to all the vets. ⁣

This was my first Veterans Day in 28 years that I wasn’t in uniform. I didn’t really think about it until my Dad called and asked how I felt. Honestly, for me the transition was smooth enough that some of my civilian friends never realized I served, But, the military was a great adventure that I wish every American would experience instead of just 5% of population. It’s a lot harder to label that gay liberal as a snowflake enemy of state when you saw her outwork and outfly everyone in squadron without any complaints of bone spurs.⁣

To those of you still active, keep defending the front, us old salty dogs will hold down the rear. #VeteransDay

The bad news keeps coming...

Some will say Jordy quit on team but I think the way this season is going Jordy was probably sitting in locker room after loss and had that “Sgt Murtaugh” moment where he realized “I’m too old for this sh*t.” Once you’ve mentally checked out of the game, it’s a lot easier to leave money on table.

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