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  A polite, fun loving GUY that loves XXL implants. A page featuring ladies 500ccs and up or those upgrading in size. Long live the 1000cc plus club.

The blonde bombshell @dollydolluk is one of my favorite ladies from across the pond!! If you aren't following her... how can you even say that you like "big boobs"?? #gofollow this lovely 1850cc lady right now! #plasticsurgery #boobjob #biggerisbetter #gobigorgohome #verypretty

The #stunning @streamqueen_xo is a fantastic example of the 500cc club and an ever impressive FF cup!! I highly recommend giving he a follow as she is as I like to say ridiculously pretty #biggerisbetter #gobigorgohome #followhernow #plasticsurgery

If a member of the #1000ccclub as pretty as @nikkibelzano tries to sell you a pen... chances are you will be buying it... #plasticsurgery #gobigorgohome #biggerisbetter #buythatpen

This couple definitely believes that #biggerisbetter and as an 1800cc diva she does a pretty good job of proving that to be true! #plasticsurgery #gobigorgohome #boobjob

@island_beach_babe proves that it is definitely way better to go bigger than the average 350cc implant if you are taller than 5ft! This 6ft beauty is planning on #goingbigger and joining the XL implant community at 900ccs by the end next year... you should definitely #gofollow and support her! #plasticsurgery #gobigorgohome #biggerisbetter

The #lovely @thestaciakelly is making her first page appearance here and I can ensure you that this won't be the last time you see this stunning 495cc lady here! #gofollow #plasticsurgery #boobjob #biggerisbetter #gobigorgohome

My stunning friend from the great white north @spookybabygirl is catching a few rays until it is warm enough to do so up there. As you can obviously see this lovely lady has already caught more than a few ccs as she is already in xlimplant territory with her 750cc results. Just wait till you see her after her next upgrade 😁😁 You have to appreciate a woman who is an F cup and is still going bigger! #plasticsurgery #gobigorgohome #biggerisbetter #boobjob

I reposted this as my first post back to IG in a while because I thiank the fact that IG is banning or censoring people who aren't violating their terms of service to be completely ridiculous. I literally started this page because I saw far too many women getting criticized simply because they choose to go bigger than the average woman during an augmentation. The fact the banning hashtags like xlimplants is even a thing blows my mind . I certainly wish all of you out there in the XL community all the best and that one day censorship of your profiles and stories will be a thing of the past!

I'll be back to posting regularly soon. Sometimes life can get a bit hectic, wishing everyone out there a good week.

Say hello to the #gorgeous @jenpj86 I highly recommend following this stunning 750cc lady 🤩🤩

An anonymous submission from a lovely lady who just wanted to show off her new DD cup assets! I can't blame her as she definitely looks amazing in my humble opinion! #plasticsurgery #boobjob #biggerisbetter #gobigorgohome

I've been really busy this weekend and never got around to reposting but here is the #stunning @kkxo4 she is definitely #plasticfantastic in my humble opinion

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