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Bighead SAVAGE LIFE ENT  Dm management for BOOKING or contact @Supa_unit at 225-288-5080 or email me at


DUBBLE OG STATIS ,, SAVAGE STORIES ,, coming real soon,, @bigheaddadomedoctor @officialbeezy__boy @webbietrill @worldstar @supa_unit , SAVAGE LIFE/SAVAGE NATION,,, IZUP

JUSTICE ,,fa Alton Sterling;;;;;; & T-Roy and Tyrus,,and all our BLACK PEOPLE,,if you black you should feel like @kaepernick7

DUBBLE OG STATIS,,,, BEEN THERE,, DONE THAT ,,and I make it sound good @bigheaddadomedoctor @webbietrill @worldstar @officialbeezy__boy @_2_4_k_

If you would like to throw the official after party after any of these shows and get a live performance from @bigheaddadomedoctor please DM me , the sooner the better , the first person I lock in wit for that date that's it,,, Go Go Go SAVAGE NATION

Lil something off that SAVAGE STORIES, ,, @officialbeezy__boy @webbietrill @kooldjsupamike @_2_4_k_ Savage Nation , stand up I AINT TRYNA HURT YO FEELINGS,, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ cd got bout 14 singles on it , WE CANT MISS WIT THIS ONE, young&old , the struggle,the hustle,and the bubble, the strippers and the zippers,, most of all fa is the REAL

If yall was free , main, main, main, MR. 3 and MR.13 C-murder , BG, REAL NIGGAS WIT TALENT,,,they done took our lane and watered it down,, It's hard fa niggas like me IM REAL , the RAP GAME NOT ,, so I'm no longer welcome,, FREE LEE LUCAS

Who down wit the Savage? @webbietrill @bigheaddadomedoctor @officialbeezy__boy SAVAGE STORIES , SAVAGE NATION Mississippi stand up

BIG A, KING OF THE SOUTHSIDE mixtape coming this summer💣💣💰💰💰

OTM PRESENTS,, BIG A , king of the SOUTHSIDE , mixtape coming soon

Just left the studio fuckin wit @tharealquick check the verse out and see why @iamkevingates said I was his favorite rapper

U need a single ,, that's what get you to the next level,, if you don't know how to come up wit one for 1000 I got you,, DUBBLE OG STATIS its on YouTube now that's a single and it's still on some G shit ,, satisfaction 100 percent garrented ,, if you or your artist not completely satisfied you ole me nothen ,, na try me and see🎼

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