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Heather  I'm probably going to name my first child Butter. 馃嚚馃嚘馃尵 canadian prairie girl 馃馃 keto [SW:201] [CW:151.6] Goal #1 - 145

Well, my eyes were bigger than my stomach tonight. Meatloaf, broccoli and bacon and I couldn't finish the meatloaf - the dog will be happy about that! We bought half a pig and the bacon just came back from getting cured at the butcher and we just couldn't wait to try it! Even if it looks burnt, wow... it was amazing!

Why is it that I range from a size small to an extra large in clothing when my boyfriend is consistently a medium? No wonder women have self esteem issues.

Tagged for a #sds by @ketothuglife. I'm srsly DEAD today.. I'm getting super car sick and my eyes hurt. I need sleep, time for a truck nap! I love my job lol. I tag, @ketoontherock and @keto.howboutdah

Good morning! It's day 5 of fasting. I had 5 hours of sleep so I slept in as long as I could this morning which didn't give me time to weigh in. Last nights supper was Roasted Red Pepper and Buffalo wings, with Spinach & Artichoke cauliflower casserole. It was awesome! I love when friends are accommodating and make keto friendly foods!

Denny and I are heading into town to a friends house to have some wings! I hated this sweater when I bought it last summer but I think it's pretty cute today!

Hey guys! It's day 鉁岎煆解湆馃徑 (lol) of my little fasting experiment and I'm down another 1.6lb today! I can't even believe it - 2 days ago I was 155. I feel accomplished and so in control.. last night I took treats to a movie to avoid popcorn temptation and I didn't even eat any of my treats.
I've had lots of #nsv's lately. I've been told my "chicken legs" are back and my "tits are getting small" - my coworker has a way with words. And my boyfriend says I'm fading away, that he can almost wrap his arms around me twice now and he's really sad my boobs are going away.
Seriously, stick with it. It took me from November until now to finally get some comments on my weight loss and they are the biggest motivation of all time. It works.. believe in yourself and believe in keto. It truly makes my life smile.

There's just something about the combination of cauliflower and melted butter..

Breaking my 16.5 hour fast with @marino_charlie's cheesy cauliflower soup & a bulletproof coffee! This soup is awesome!

Good morning! It's day 鉁岎煆解槤馃徑 of my fasting experiment and I had a bit of a whoooosh last night! That gives me a total loss of 48lb from my highest weight in 2014! Sometimes I discount my journey because poorly maintained my initial losses but I still have to be proud that I've lost nearly 50lb. That's huge.. like the weight of a bail of hay!
It's my day off and it doesn't feel right to wake up and not have a bpc coffee... but how can I cave when I'm seeing numbers like this!? 馃樆

Please... learn from me and don't put your mascara in the microwave. 馃樃

Tagged for a #sds. Normally I skip these while I'm at work but I had a second alone in the truck! Sometimes I'm envious that you ladies that get to get pretty and dress nice every day but I love the blue collar life! It's a beautiful day outside - what a great end to the week!

Breaking my 17 hour fast with leftover pulled pork.

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