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Heather  I'm probably going to name my first child Butter. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸŒΎ canadian prairie girl πŸ₯“πŸ₯‘ keto [SW:201] [CW:147.6] Goal #1 - 145

Mozza burger, avocado and a fresh from the garden salad with Crazy Mooskies/Ranch dressing.. super good! This lettuce is black seed something something and it's so light and airy and I can. not. wait until the rest of my veggies are ready!
You would think I'm sponsored by this BBQ sauce brand (I reached out to them, they had zero interested in even supplying one bottle for a giveaway. Hard to support a company that shuts down someone trying to get their name or there) but I swear I'm just obsessed.

3 years ago when I started this job I could almost tie my coveralls around my waist with the sleeves rolled up. Then, for a long time, I couldn't anymore. Well... I definitely can again! just a little oilfield NSV 😊- another? Okay fine.. for a really long time I couldn't rest my hand on my hip like I am in this picture. I was just completely round before!
by the way, I'm totally in the A&w bathroom.. haha I can't resist when I drive by - even though I have to wait another 7 hours to eat it! #NSVthursdays

Quick little snack - 218g avocado with green sriracha, garlic salt, pink salt and pepper. This is slowly becoming my all time favourite food.. 2 years ago I HATED avocado!

Supper last night: nothing beats a skillet pizza! I used shredded pizza cheese, pepperoni, Italian seasoning and.... YOU GUESSED IT Crazy Mooskies BBQ sauce! I am SO obsessed with this stuff, you guys. It was sooo good, and honestly tasted way better than the 4g carb marinara I usually use. Seriously so happy about this find.
I'm sure you guys are DYING to find out if I hit 144lb after my last post πŸ˜‚ well.... no I didn't. The morning after I posted that I was literally up 4lb, I was bloated and πŸ’© all day, I have no idea what I ate that set me off.. maybe 1/2 of that Lily's chocolate bar? Who knows. It's been like 3 days and I'm still gassy and bloated. Soooo fun. πŸ™„

So... this BBQ sauce 😏
Ever since starting at first keto 4 years ago, I realized I kinda had to give up BBQ sauce and related recipes.. all of the sugar free ones are just full of chemical and they taste weird. I've tried Walden Farms, I've tried G. Hughes.. they just taste.. weird.. not like the BBQ sauce I've always loved.
Anyways, this stuff! It's so good, the first night I had it, we smoked beef ribs all day, and I mixed a bit with Splenda because I like real sweet BBQ sauce, and we put it on for the last half hour and it was AMAZING! My boyfriend always puts Sweet Baby Rays on his and I watch him eat and cry 6 times.. haha now I don't have to!
Last night, I put it on my lettuce wrap burger (unmixed) and it did NOT DISAPPOINT! I feel bad for all of you Americans who can't have it.. so I thought maybe I would get it and some other stuff together for a giveaway, what do you guys think? 😏
You can order online at hotmamas.ca! and if you don't like it....... don't hurt me

and since I'm still ravenous (just snacks.. I'm actually kinda full) I'm having 2 peanut butter one bar bites and a @smartbakingcompany cinnamon cake!

ALL OF THE HALOUMI πŸ™ŒπŸ½ P.S. after just 3 days back on IF, I am back to losing weight instead of maintaining 149-15lb, and I hit an all time low of 145.2 this morning... hoping to see 144 tomorrow morning! I ❀️ keto

Beef short ribs, and garden lettuce πŸ™ŒπŸ½ caesar salad! I made a wicked peanut butter shake with my new quest powder, too! I added cashew milk, cream cheese and the powder. πŸ˜‹
CANADIANS: You guys, I FINALLY found a low carb BBQ sauce that's really good! Walden farms and G. Hughes tastes like butt, imo. With 1 carb in 2 tbsp, I couldn't be happier with this find! Swipe to see πŸ‘€

#ketohaul the other day. What's your favourite way to use the Quest protein? I've never had it before!

To the many new followers in the last day or so.. hi! My name is Heather and I am a 2nd timer successful keto dieter.
In 2014, lost nearly 60lb. Apparently, I'm horrible at maintaining and gained some (most) of that back. πŸ™€Around the time of the picture on the left, I got back into keto again. I had been "lazy keto" for a couple of years.. doesn't work.. not for me anyways.
Fast forward 257 days to the picture on the right, I am much more confident and happy than I've ever been - even in 2014 when I was skinny for the first time in my life - but still didn't feel like I deserved the best. Thanks for joining me for my journey losing my last 20lb!

my sweet little kitty Tim!

A group of girls laughed at me for taking this picture but let's be real, they all wanted to take a picture of their coffee but they are just too insecure to do it in front of anyone. Why are girls so bitchy lol

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