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just stalkin..just stalkin 

The Shady One Himself!

He is all boy

I tried to be professional but he wouldn't let me....

Shady baby and his first hair cut...naturally he went all fancy

When your trying to convince yourself your eating healthy by putting veggies on top of process fatty crap that you love.

When they say parents get creative and you took them at their word. Momma got time and photoshop. Gave my baby the curly head light skin pioneer tho.

When your two year old gets more love from the opposite sex then you do. It's time to reevaluate shit

Pondering 🤔 my next move. I'm back on podcast tip of 2013 when Justin and I were going to stat one. I need a cohost and a schedule!

And now he's up....that quick...

How you look when you barely left Outback standing after a lunch time visit.

Question 1: Why is he comfortable on my bed like it's his?
Question 2: What bills does he pay around here?
Question 3: Should I start a shady baby Instagram?

Eating healthy!!

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