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BIGDiRTYWorldTour  Pro 🚲driver on @lezyneusa @deitycomponents @squidbikes @theathletic @hapykitchenpdx @dirtragmag contributor // Kauai @haveaheart MMJ 💨

Walkin-‘round-always-mad reputation, Leave-a-pretty-girl-sad reputation, Start a Fight Club ‘Brad’ reputation

“Hi. Was jus doing VO2 Max intervals until I cried while listening to Khalid’s entire album on repeat Can u cover up all my ex’s initials with the WuTang symbol? Thx. Yes I’m leaving my helmet on.”

Sometimes I wish I took the simpler route instead of havin demons that’s as big as my house, have a ball with a dribble and bounce cause the party ain’t over til they kicking me out

Tell your girl to stop calling she’s interrupting my conference call with Shyne, Eddy Merckx, Jeff Bezos and Oleg Tinkoff

We out here shredding secret oceanside trail on my @deitycomponents set up with Friday from Robinson Crusoe, Dr. Moreau’s short homie in the white linen suit and my volleyball headed cuzin Wilson we ripping secluded beach cove singletrack and doing hot laps all over Magnum P.I.’s back yard throwing sick whips over his borrowed Ferrari and then we all getting shave ice afterward with a pod of whales I located using my @lezyneusa MicroGPS watch then we recover by taking 60mg of @floydsleadville CBD to the face stay tuned to BDWT for more

New whip who dis

Miss u Amy Jade

She bought a gravy Rover, it had a pastry odor, Yes she made the quota, cause I'm like Ray Liotta

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too.

Zombieland Apocalypse Rule No. 18: Limber Up.
📸: @eggoswithsyrup

You my dogs I die fo’, bust a 5-4, see the judge and lie fo’

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