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big cutie bonnie  FATTY in the UK🇬🇧 ❤BONNIE.BIGCUTIES.COM❤ #fat #PLUSSIZE

Just hanging out 🤣 Check out my videos @ C4S.COM/72633

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Shocking Doctors visit:
Being the greedy gluttonous sow that I am, I dread going to the doctor’s office.  Unfortunately it was time for my annual physical.  I knew that my doctor wouldn’t be happy.  Every time I go in for my annual visit I’m fatter than I was the time before.  I was shocked when my doctor frankly laid it out what my sedentary lifestyle was doing to my body.  In this video I’ll tell you all about what he said and how I feel about it.
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Sexy Fatty fat fatz 😉
Check out my videos @ C4S.COM/72633

Looks like Princess Elsa has became really fat from being locked up inside the castle for too long! ;) My feeder bought my favourite, Mac ’n’ cheese. I really couldn’t wait to stuff it all and as quickly as I could I crawled on top of him, straddling him as I rubbed, jiggled and dropped my belly onto him while he fed me the food. I felt as though I couldn’t be satisfied and wanted to stuff it inside me even quicker, so snatching the food from his grasp I began to shovelling it into my mouth faster and faster as I moaned in ecstasy. He rubbed and jiggled my belly as I become more and more aroused. I am definitely looking my fattest in this video!!

Fattt & boobs🤣 😈

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Such a Fat cat 🐱

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Check out my NEW update: 'Embarrassing FAT Moments'
Over the years I have had so many embarrassing fat moments and although at the time I may feel slightly embarrassed by the looks and stares, I also feel a sense of excitement too! When I am in a situation where I am humiliated or embarrassed due to my size, I cannot help but be aroused by it!!

NEW C4S Video 'Wide Wrestlers'
Jodie and I are fatter than most sumo wrestlers, can you believe it?! We decided to make a wrestling video. We dressed as superheros & grabbed each others fatrolls & slapped one another’s fat arses as we pinned eachother down. Who do you think won? 😉
@ C4S.COM/72633

NEW C4S video 'Horny Fatty Donut Stuffing' I have been so horny as I noticed my rolls growing bigger- it has just drove me insane! I HAD to buy 12 Krispy Kreme donuts! I was getting really wet as I imagined stuffing them greedily into my mouth @ C4S.COM/72633

Always have a pizza around me 🐖🐷

All about the hangggg. Has anyone ever noticed there is always a bottle of water hanging about in my pictures? 🤣
Check out my videos: BONNIE.BIGCUTIES.COM #aquaholic #bbw #ssbbw #PLUSSIZE #WEIGHTGAIN #sexy #sexyfat #thick #curves #curvy #thick #chubby #fat

NEW update: ‘Back to School Bulge’
It has been a very long summer and I haven’t stopped eating. I have been such a greedy, fat piggy and have suddenly ballooned!! You haven’t seen me at school for only a couple of months but already there is a HUGE difference in my weight! After months of non stop stuffing, where I have been gorging on ice cream, cookies, cakes and fattening takeaways, it has transformed me into a fat pig, the skinny girl I once was has now disappeared! @ ❤BONNIE.BIGCUTIES.COM ❤

#bbw #ssbbw #plussize #WEIGHTGAIN #sexy #sexyfat #thick #curves #curvy #thick #chubby

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