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big cutie bonnie  BBW Fat Fetish Model UK🇬🇧 Website: BONNIE.BIGCUTIES.COM❤

Such a FAT greedy 🐷 😈

Oops looks like I have outgrown my uniform!😈

God Im such a fat f*ck 😉 😈

NEW Update: 'Devouring 3 cakes & enough calories to last 3 days'
I stuffing 3 cakes and a large bag of Doritos, over 6000 calories in under 30 minutes!😆 Link to video in bio!

NEW update: 'Weight-gain Goals 2019' Hear about my goals, current weight and how big I ultimately want to be 😈
Link in bio!

As you all know, stuffing arouses me so much!! I get so horny when I stuff loads of food and feel my sexiest when my belly is all tight and bloated. When it looks HUGE from all the food, like I have swallowed a massive beach ball. It is just so hot! 
So after going to the McDonald’s drive thru (something I do ALL the time!) I was so horny! First I ate 4 large meals and as I still wasn’t satisfied, I went back to the drive thru and ordered more food again! Another 2 meals plus a muffin and 3 donuts! After all that, my jeans were digging into my fat belly and I couldn’t wait to get them off! Laying on the bed I rubbed my ballooning belly while I talked about how aroused I was from all that food and how I still wanted to eat even more!

Bursting out 😉


Mutual Gaining: Let’s get FAT together!

I know how much you love my fat body, the endless flabby rolls and how much I jiggle when I move too. I know how sexy you think it is, how amazed you are to see me stuff HUGE amounts of food. I know it not only makes you extremely horny to watch me but envious too! You want to be a fat piggy, you want to gain and have a bulging belly to play with. Well, I have a confession for you. I also want to stuff you full of food. Rub your bloated belly while you beg for me to stop as you feel fit to burst! I want to make you absolutely HUGE! I want us both to be gluttonous, greedy pigs together!


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I am your fat queen and I want you to worship me. 
After a HUGE stuffing I really feel how I look- like a MASSIVE snowball! I feel like a can barely breathe, my belly has ballooned so much since eating lots of Pizza, chips and cake. I really am such a greedy fatty! My feeder has been encouraging me all day to eat more for him, to grow fatter for him and now that I am stuffed the point of breathlessness, he begins to worship my fat body.

I LOVE being a stuffed, FAT pig 🐷🐖
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