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BIG BOTTOM BEHAVIOR  a size inclusive brand for the resilient + unstoppable defying the standards of health, reclaiming the standards of beauty, provoking positive change.

SISTER SISTER 💗💗 @thebiggirlscode
All print leggings $12!!! Use code PRINTPOWER... hurry cause they go quick! sizes 2-24
I have 3 sisters.
They are my joy, my inspiration, my heart and my headache all in one.
I love them to the depths of my soul.
Top: Dolly top handmade x @nora.hidalgo
Sweatshirt Crop: Plant Hoe x

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💚 NEW 💚 NEW 💚 Just added Neon Lights Legging in 2-24 + 🖤 NEW Crop Glow Jacket in Blackout!
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Pariba pa bajo lento lento. New! New! Glow Crop Jacket in Black + Prints added to 💗💗💗
Sorry I’ve been MIA.
This season my mental has been on the cusp of giving up on all my dreams and years of hard work and going back to Starbucks to make lattes and clean shit. The weight of success, provision and being free of government cheese lays heavy on my shoulders. Self employment is the hardest shit I’ve ever dealt with mentally. Every sale depends on posts I make, photos I take, new and upcoming trends, learning new apps or programs, new designs, manufacturing fucks ups, the season, the climate...all this impacts my day to day no matter how I feel physically or emotionally it doesn’t matter. I have to show up. I’ve worked for the man since I was 14, but I always knew if I worked hard, did my very best and followed the rules I would get a check bi-weekly. No matter what.
Your very best doesn’t count in self employment, uncontrollable situations don’t count. You are a machine. You have to produce no matter what. We have dehumanized and devalued the laborious work people and animals do everyday to bring us fashion, goods, food, EVERYTHING we consume. Honestly I think a part is giant corporations like amazon that ruined us and our patience but this is something I struggle with every single day even if I don’t get to post about it. I’m a passive, gentle natured person so it cuts me to my core when people are so cruel especially about material goods. I’m working on not taking things personally, getting my anxiety under control and also looking to hopefully hire someone soon to help with orders so I can have more time to re find my inspiration for creating and sharing.
Venting to get through today.
I love you.
Back to work. ✌🏼

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Use code LABORDAY at checkout!

Just added these RIDER Leggings in Small-3X 🌹🌹 #bigbottombehavior #sale #leggings #yogapants #plussizeapparel #plussizefashion #mybodymyrules #riotsnotdiets #mood #labordaysale

In my feelings. “thoughts” 2016 ish, when I was doing big things in my community on a 17k a year Starbucks income.
IMAGE is everything.

Pretend to be rich but be broke as fuck.

I can't hang.

I don't want to.

I'm trying to make a difference not create an unrealistic image.
They say you HAVE to have money to make a difference but why? and how?
I'm making a difference in my OWN life, my FAMILIES life, my community.
Isn't that what's MOST important?


Awareness and Re Education.
That's how we do it!

we don't have to be rich if we worked together.
we don't have to have money to be healthy.
we don't have to have wealth to be powerful.

using the resources we have instead of wasting our energy on what we coulda had.

we overcome stereotypes by rising above and overcoming it all.

Over abundant wealth is one in a million and I'm not betting a dime.
I'd rather change my circumstances with continuous growth and unwavering determination for better.

keep your money and your fancy shit.
I don't want it.

I don't need it.

it stinks of arrogance and circumstance.

xo bigbottombehavior

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Happy Friday 💋 Deporte Knockout Legging just added in 2X + 3X 🌹

Dolly Top x @nora.hidalgo
Use code BBB at checkout
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In awe of all this beauty @_mok_official @xoxo_missomo In awe that my baby sister @nora.hidalgo made all these pieces by hand with love. In awe of this whole shoot and vision x @alexander.ablola

Visionary | @alexander.ablola
Models | @xoxo_missomo @_mok_official
Styled | @murdeath
Handmade Designs + Apparel | @nora.hidalgo
Shop these size inclusive looks on
S-3X +
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Reina Jeggings. ✨👖 S-3X
only 3 left in each size. Link in bio. Last day for code BYESUMMER
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Seeing your dreams manifest sometimes means sacrificing it all, seeing your bank account in negative and figuring out how in the hell your gonna take care of the after. Seriously. I went to LA knowing in my mind I didn’t even have enough in my bank account to pay the last 2K I owed to pull it off but I gave it all up and said a prayer. God put the Big Bottom Bash in my heart, it was like an itch you can’t scratch. It was in the back of my head for almost 2 years. constant. Why? Brand promotion? NO. Financial gain? HELL NO? It may have seemed random to y’all when I started posting about this “GRAND” event I was planning in LA but this was my dreams coming to fruition. Every detail I envisioned was my WILDEST dreams. Having @officialjenzi instruct was a literal DREAM. @rashidakhanbeymiller divine presence a legit DREAM. @ashleyasatu healing spirit a fuckin DREAM. My entire vision of having a party highlighting woman of color and creating a sacred space for FAT bodies to be Wild and Free was ALL I ever wanted and it came to LIFE!!! It was surreal. Should this event have been easier for me to pull off? YES!! Should large corporations that appropriate and profit off the body positive movement yet exclude the most marginalized have sponsored this event? YES! Did they? HELL TO THE FUCK NO. I should have had the funding to pay these artists and instructors way above and beyond what they asked but, will we have the funds for our next event? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! One thing I learned from quitting Starbucks with no education, no backup plan, and investing my itty bitty 401K into my dreams with the future of two human lives on my mind is that you have to take a risk but be willing to put in the work! Research like your a fuckin detective on NCIS. Try it, if it doesn’t hit don’t give up, try again. I’ve sold everything. Trust me. Find what your passionate about and put your “extra time” and invest your money into it. Back to work ✌🏼 I LOVE YOU.
Wearing @nora.hidalgo from head to toe. Hours after the big bottom bash. SALE THIS WEEKEND 30% OFF CODE: QUIERIDA
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#FBF To one of the best workouts I’ve had this year x @carllewis_repla with my favorite girl @adriana.dondada ♥️ Me and my baby bodied this workout and this was after 2 margaritas before class 👀😂 We’re both wearing the BOLD SEASON 1.... it’s finally restocked!!! Very limited so get yours quick before they’re gone!
@carllewis_repla trains in Long Beach and all over LA so follow him if your in the area, can’t wait to go again!
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when date nights turn into photo shoots. #tbt 📸 ✨ My Favorite Crop Jacket $25 available in sizes S-3X hurry they’re almost gone and this limited color way that won’t ever come back! Use code BYESUMMER for 25% OFF! 💋💋 #bigbottombehavior #bbb #plussizefashion #plussizeapparel #plussizeworkout #mybodymyrules #mood #datenight #beautybeyondsize #haes #fashionnovacurve

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