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I Really Run This MFER 💯  #RIPGUCCI😇 #RIPMARQUI😇 #RIPMEATHEAD😇#RIPKORI😇 #BigBossPops😇 #ForeverCourtney😇 #BlastedMyWayToTheTop🚀 #Chicago🌃 #8300🌟#CertifiedGangsta😎 #GetTheStrap🤨

Aye He Ain’t Know I Had That Shit 😂 Nigga I Was In “You Got Served “😂💯 #BirthdayRecap🎂 #IReallyRunThisMfer💯 #TheWholeCityKnowThat🌃

I Came To Fuck Miami Up MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 😎#IReallyRunThisMfer 🤟🏾#TheWholeCityKnowThat💯

A Regular Day I’m More Chiller Than Y’all 🤟🏾

“You Know I’m In Miami Right Now This The Miami Section” - Lil Herb 😎 #IReallyRunThisMfer💯 #TheWholeCityKnowThat🌃 (Tiara Told Me To Make That My New Slogan😂💯)

I Really Run This Mfer The Whole City Know That But I Had To Come Fuck Miami Up Real Quick 🤟🏾 Happy Birthday To Me 😎

No Cap Go Wish My Brother Mikey Based A Happy Birthday He Really Run This Mfer ...Been Running This Mfer Since Back In The Day 💯 The Whole City Know That 🤟🏾#LongLiveScoob💯

Want The Rest Flow Coming Soon 💯🤟🏾

Schwartz Was Cutting Up The Whole Day Y’all Should’ve Seen How She Was Acting 😂

Aye OnGang We Really Run This Mfer No Cap 💯

Last Night When I Was Really Running The City 🤟🏾😎

OnGang I Saw Queen Key She Was Like Queen ......QUEEN SHIT BITCH 👸🏽💩😂🤟🏾.....I Was Off The Chain Straight Disrespecting They Shit Standing On Chairs Telling The Security Fuck Them 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ Mfers Was Fighting😂🤦🏽‍♂️ I Found KeKe Too Who Drake Be Rapping About That’s My Homie 🤟🏾 ...Y’all Should’ve Been There 💯🤟🏾

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