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Erik Naville  MKN #Nerdist Padawan. Cub Photographer. YoJoe. International Tourist. Podcast Enthusiast. Sometime DDP Yogi. Burgeoning LEGO Addict. Browncoat

The patches on my bag are fitting together quite nicely. Representing a lot of my fandoms. Need to work some sort of Disney patch in there somewhere. #photo4theday 228/365

One of the odd duck figures from JoeCon 2017. Dig the bright colors on a Cobra solider as long as the Joe's keep to more subdued apparel #photo4theday 227/365

Birthday boy celebrating 11 #photo4theday 226/365

Spent another day shooting some #toyphotography at the park. One of today's subject was one of @marauder_gun_runners Valkyrie figures that I picked up from @marauder.ruben at Joe Con. Always ready to go on a mission. #photo4theday 225/365

Cobra Trooper takes to the air. #cobratrooper #gijoe #toyrevolution #toyslagram #gijoenation

Awesome day at the park with my beautiful wife @maegroar #photo4theday 224/365

Just under a month till I'm back in Florida and get to eat some @sonnysbbq Might as well dress like the old table cloths. Also @sonnysbbq needs to open some restaurants in the Louisville area. #photo4theday 223/365

Who need to leave work on time not me. #photo4theday 222/365

The Berzerker of the Gorgon Horde sporting toxin tipped short swords and the helmet of a slain Greek solider. #photo4theday 220/365 #vitruvianhacks #toyphotography #toyslagram #toyrevolution #bossfightstudio #toysoutside

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