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sad btch :+////  wish i had a crystal pepsi eat ass make money been crying more than usual

You know I could be in a grave and I'd still be so overwhelmed I pull my hair

I've got a lot of repressed emotions according to my dreams, but when awake I'd disagree. Sorry for betraying your trust.

My advice for juniors is take a lot of videos of you and your friends having good times so next year when they're not around you can at least see and hear them in action and I know it sounds sad but it will make you feel better on your really shitty days

I know I was really sad last year too but at least there were good days consistently and I had something worth getting through each day for.

time to hop back on the Wellbutrin train , wish me luck and have patience with me

this btch unlovable n chronically lonely

wanna disappear...

no sound is nearly as warm and crunchy as laughter over the phone. so sibilant and joyous.

Hey Hanna(h)'s and Lucy's are y'all going on double dates yet? Grace and I AGREE this has got to happen

@_.the_hutch._ please set up your voicemail box so I can leave you voicemail messages :*

Some smells to consider: wet hair (from snow), conditioner, fumes from a snowblower, secondhand smoke, pizza under a heat lamp, sweat, gas station hotdog station (this one is optional, it may be too unpleasant for some), peanut butter (also optional, same reason), the permanently omnipresent neighborhood barbeque smell, gas.

i'm feeling deprived, hollow, and isolated. i don't want to be held or touched though i'm in withdrawal. i want a clean slate and new first impressions. dye my hair black. live on my own. build a life for myself.

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