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i dont !  i love cigarettes, monster cookies, and spicy mocha

one of the first sentences i heard you utter rings in my head while swallowing down pieces of euphoria. my steps land two feet lower than they usually do. i am sinking and floating and i deem your statement true.

i wish i knew how you were doing

sorry for ruining every good thing that happens to me

let us not forget my love for sad crunchy sounds

i wanna flaunt my bones again.

left my conscience on your front doorstep, left my consciousness in the sixth

pls don't roast me but im really out here listenin to citizen on a sad sunday feeling like a Really Ugly Scene Kid

i want a lot of drugs

forgot what thsi felt like n it's so bad

sorry if u don't hear from me for a while in advance

do not want to work!!!!

n ill answer u on the phone

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