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Okay guys, today, I am going to watch Big Bang's new music videos and I'm so excited! If not for being busy with school and chorus and homework and chores I would have done it yesterday, but you kmow, my life doesn't roll like that 😛 // #Jiyong #bigbangcomeback #BaeBae #Loser

✨ When you see the Teybooty ✨ // #Jiyong #TeyDaddy #BigBang #cute

Imagine Daesung singing in the shower as you try to read in the next room. Of course he's a beautiful singer, but of course now as you are trying to focus on your novel, he has to be another Britney Spears. You grumbled under your breath, stomping over to the bathroom and preparing to complain, but you stopped as you heard him actually singing. His singing wasn't annoying, it was hilarious! He tried so hard to sing out of pitch, and rather loudly at that. You stifled your laughter behind your palm, your stomach contracting as he continued to croak in the shower. But then, the water stopped, and you heard him getting out. You tried to run, but your book was left right by the door, so as you ran back for it, the door creaked open. A wet Daesung in a towel glaring down at you. "Haha very funny. You know I could hear you through the door, right?" Your cheeks blushed dark as he laughed at your reaction, grabbing your book and hitting you atop the head. You glared at him, snatching it back. "Whatever, you sound awful anyways." He laughs again, turning around to meet your narrowed eyes. "Fine then, I challenge you to see who's the better singer." Your eyes widen: you can't sing. "Wait! But—" He laughs, approaches you, and kisses you softly. "Its okay if you lose, you don't need to be able to sing to impress me." You smiled at this comment, reaching back up to kiss him. Once you two pull away, you again meet each other's eyes. Then, Daesung speaks. "I'll still win though." // #dae #shower #cute #bigbangimagines #5Oppas

*when Taeyang has the same birthday as your dad and your feels explode because you can be remotley related to famous koreans but most likely not because you're hispanic and then your feels explode and evaporate because you know, STUFF* // #bigbangcomeback #birthdays #Taeyang #Daesung #Seungri #SeungHyun #KwonJiyong

Kpop + Anime + Food + Sleep= life, anyone else feeling me? // #oldpost #GD #Jiyong #TOP #SeungHyun #Vi #Seungri #Sol #YoungBae #Dlite #Daesung

❤ Gabby by the way is going to BigBang's comeback concert in the fall! I'm so happy for her! ❤ // #Dae #bigbangcomeback #bigbangconcert #bokeh

Seungri as a blonde asdfghjkl // #panda #seungri #cute #kpop #bigbangcomeback

This is now my wallpaper 👑 // #toppa #GD #beats #blue #sexy #GTOP

♡ who's ready for MADE?
I am 🌚
For those who don't know TOP's hair is inspired by a famous artist ^-^ although he looks like a pineapple, he's still cute omg
#coupdetat #bigbang #gdragon #🍍

Imagine TOP coming home with a cardboard box in hand, smiling at you while you pondered over what was inside. As he sat down on the couch beside you, something from inside rustled, startling you. "What is it, Oppa?" You try to peek through the flaps but he shuts it close. "If you can guess, you can open it." You sigh, going over the possibilities. "A puppy?" He shakes his head, and you sigh. Way too obvious. "A bunny?" Nope. "A bird?" Nope. You grumbled under your breath. For all you know, it might not even be an animal. Just then, from the flaps, a tiny, fluffy, orange head peeked out, blazing, green eyes and exactly three whiskers on each cheek. "A kitten!" You muse, looking up at Seung Hyun with a smile. He nods, looking confused. The cat wiggles its head back in, and you laugh. "How did you guess that?" He looks down at the box, but finds nothing there. You shrug and grin. "Intuition?" Suddenly, the cat bursts out of the box, landing on your lap and purring. You laugh as it paws at your chest, you lift it up to your cheek as it licks you. Seung Hyun glares. "Hey, only I'm allowed to do that." // #TOP #5Oppas #BigBang #kittens HEY GUYS I'M BACK ✨✨✨✨

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