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...but make it fashion.
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you and me together,
stars (and stripes) 4-ever.
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goodbye 446 West 33rd Street.
@gmhc is on the move!
GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis) is the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy.
It provides services from housing assistance, to legal support, to meal service, serving over 12,000 cis, trans, and GNC clients each year!
I have been volunteering with GMHC through @nycares since New Years 2016, when at the time I felt I needed to focus on something other than myself.
Volunteering has helped me overcome many struggles and frustrations.
It is easy for all of us to get caught up in our own lives, forgetting that there are many other lives that need love and support too.
Thank you to GMHC and all the wonderful people I have met over the past 2.5 years!
I am grateful to hear your stories.
I am honored to serve and be among my community that lived and loved through such a tragic time.
Here is to new beginnings at a new location!
If you haven't yet volunteered, I urge you to find a soup kitchen, a senior center, or an animal shelter in your area and donate some of your time.
It’s a simple Google search away!
Let’s fight the hate in this world by doing some good! ❤️
xo milky

i know her too!

Imagine a pill that has the ability to reduce
#HIV transmission by 99%. And what if you were told that all the funding that went into researching this preventative drug was actually by tax-payer money?

#GileadSciences now owns the patent to #PrEP
and is marking up the price by 250x the production cost.

Out of pocket it can cost up to $1,600 — while production costs are at $5.70 per month supply.

Join the movement that is demanding to break
the patent therefore expanding access to #PrEP.

We have the recipe in making a dent in ending
the epidemic once and for all.

Let’s make it happen.

- Jason David Rosenberg @mynameisjro @actupny

Sign the petition 👉


Not gonna lie, 30 was a tough year.
I had high hopes for it. Maybe too high.
I was hopeful that my time on All Stars would be used to inform and inspire.
Heavy topics don’t make as good of television as shade and reads, I know this.
Out of the conversations I had with @bendelacreme about the importance of the trans community and how we can become better allies, to speaking in my confessionals about the need for a queer global conciousness, we saw what they decided to show of me.
I have strived with the platform I have been given to show how important it is to acknowledge one’s privilege.
To raise my voice for those that can’t.
So to see my portrayal wittled down to nothing more than a cis white gay male, conceited and arrogant, was extremely defeating.
It was very difficult and it became a very dark time for me.
What helped me through it all was remembering wholeheartedly of who I actually am.
If you ever doubt yourself because of the opinions of other people, remember that you are good if you do good!
Just do right as Dr. Maya Angelou said.
I want to thank all of my followers and fans who supported me through that dark time, knowing that a reality TV show is very different from actual reality.
To my friends and fellow queens who listened and advised, thank you!
But most of all, thank you to the love of my life, a man who is inspiring, sexy, loving, and the most supportive, @jamesbwhiteside. Thank you for your wisdom and incredible strength from our humble beginnings in 2008 to now and into the distant future.
My birthday wish is that sometime this year, everyone who comments ‘Happy Birthday’ will get involved.
Volunteer at a shelter.
Attend a protest.
Here’s to 31!
📸 : @sirdavidsimon

pep talk
It is super easy to get discouraged.
With all that is happening within our country, within our government, and with the lives of human beings, it can be overwhelmingly infuriating.
We can feel helpless.
We become numb to the craziness within the 24 hour news cycle.
All these feelings mixed together lead me to confusion.
How do I give my utmost attention to families being ripped apart.
With what energy and compassion I have left can I focus on the queer genocide that exists in Chechnya, Egypt, and many other countries throughout the world?
Oh, and then there’s the fight for gun reform!
With all of this reality, I am disgusted by the United States of America.
What gets me through and I hope can help you is remembering that America is not in that White House.
America exists in every immigrant that has arrived in this country against all odds, who works and strives to discover the ‘American Dream’ for themselves and their families.
America exists in every activist, in every person that hits the streets and raises their voice for those that can not.
America exists in the youth. A generation destined to impact this world for the better.
When you are feeling defeated like I can get, take a deep breath and think of one such person. Hell, think of five! Let the rebellious American spirit motivate and inspire you.
I am a proud American remembering that these incredible people are what has and will always make America great!
Each of us is able to make a difference and with our collective voices raised, we can make a change.
Keep up the fight!
xo milky

when hairy met milky.

if you can’t unhook your own bra, how the hell you gonna unhook sombody else’s?
can I get an eight-men?
(with their consent, of course)
📸 : @marcusmorris

❤️for those that no longer can, we must.
🧡honor them by never staying silent!
💛celebrate queer spaces, like Pulse was, in which we can express our truest selves!
💚Vote. March. Resist. Dance.
but most importantly LOVE!
💙 In the words of Dr. Maya Angelou, "Just do right."
💜 Join me in doing right by these 49 and all those who are taken too soon!

dear timothée chalamet,
(who is 22 years old, not 17)
get a load of this peach fuzz.
or give a load.
it’d be cool either way.
color by @piggyhuggums
at @seagullsalon

The first rule of Fight Club is:
you kiss all the cute boys at Fight Club and then apply makeup so it seems like you fought or whatever and then it becomes a fun soap carving party with drinks and finger food.
📸 : @marco_ovando
dress : @caseyyalater

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