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Addie  🧀🌿✒️🇨🇦➰🇮🇳| Cheese & Dairy Consultant at large | Follow @dandafoodproject for popup info | Listen to my latest interview here:


Meanwhile in Bengaluru, farmstead goat cheese project going well. Here's some good looking 100% farmstead goat feta-style cheese. Good piquant flavour. #BastaGoatCheese #GoatFeta #GoatCheese #🐐 #Chèvre #Twitter #BLRFood #Bengaluru #Uru #Karnataka #IndiaFood #IndiaCheese #FoodTalkIndia
Available in Namdhari stores in Bengaluru from July 1st onwards.

An honour to dine in my own apartment as my friends put on a tantalising dinner. This course reminded me of the first time I ever emailed @nehasumitran. Here's the email; it's about this very tree she's based her family chicken stew on, in the penultimate course of the Bombay By Habitat dinner.
Email from 2014:
Hey Neha,
This barter thing is cute. Thanks for initiating it. Have some stuff that you might like! Yes, yes... I have some of Big Addie's delicious cheese, without the euphemisms.
So, this Chennai neighbourhood called Roypettah is canopied with trees as old as the houses. My aunt who lives there was trumpeting how a Dutch photographer used their terrace to photograph this tree. The ability to remember scientific names of trees is something I do not possess, but the word 'fistula' is somewhat of a memory burn. The word has a meaning for me personally, but in this case it was exciting because I was reminded of your captivating instagram post. This is the tree?
(It was the tree)
(Thanks for the company, @sanajaverikadri 😍/ @supriyanair and others :))

Waking up thirsty, only wishing I was drinking this! Always missing you, Bethanol ;). Regramm @elizabethmutan - A cocktail I had discussed with @bigaddie several months ago in the wee hours of his Montreal layover, finally came to life.
Green Alfonso Mango purée, Grappa, Strega, Yellow Chartreuse, lime, honey, and Chervil to finish.
Always missing you, Addie!

Meanwhile in Bombay.... A dinner that focused on the flowers in bloom in Bombay? Yep! Wish I was there for this 🙁. @nehasumitran's brainchild and @vahishta, @ananditakamani and Neha's dinner, here's an example of some vivid creativity. From a delicate pea soup that looks like a lily pond to Neha's incredible version of Dohneïong (pork and black sesame stew from Meghalaya) – a memory of that time Neha and I marvelled at blossoming cherry trees in Shillong. This dinner is something I sorely missed being involved with, but just goes to show how brushing shoulders with talent like this has helped me become better at what I do.
So proud of my talented friends and my kitchen soulmate @ananditakamani! #FoodTalkIndia #Mumbai #BombayByHabitat #MumbaiFood #Twitter

Added a few new items to @thefarmchennai menu and proud of this one in particular. Regional food is tricky and often difficult to recreate but I am quite happy with how this misal pao — a spicy curry of mixed sprouts and cooked peas — takes me back to the joints and stalls that feed the masses every morning. We've purposely served this with the milk bread (introduced recently by @flourbuttersugar.in to the menu) because it's just so very pretty. #Breakfast #BreakfastOfChampions #lifeontheudderside #Chennai #ChennaiFoodies #FoodTalkIndia

Nice to have added a new item to @thefarmchennai's menu. It's been an exciting week of recipe testing and trials. Many promising results to follow! Kudos to @flourbuttersugar.in for suggesting the chili-honey drizzle. Thanks for the awesome chance, guys. ReGram @thefarmchennai - A new Pizza for a new week! Sun-dried tomatoes, Walnuts & fresh Basil with a Chilly Honey drizzle. A @bigaddie creation that has promptly become our new favourite! 📷: @flourbuttersugar.in .
#thefarmchennai #lifeontheudderside #restaurant #menu #pizza #woodfired #new #mozzarella #favourite #Twitter

Getting a little poi obsessed. 📷: @flourbuttersugar.in
#BreadLife #Poi #GoanPoi #GoanBread #Twitter

Another celebration | The Poi is the everyday bread of Goa. The Portuguese are said to have brought leavened bread to India sometime in the 17th century. Back then, yeast harvested from bubbling toddy juices were used to naturally leaven their tiny pockets of hearth-baked simple loaves made of just flour, water and salt. Today we've made this 100% wholewheat sourdough Poi using The Oregon Trail starter that @sujitsumitran gifted @thefarmChennai (which has its own awesome history; Seems apropos.). 71% hydration, 100% wholewheat, wood-fired, hearth-baked. #Twitter #diaspora #DiasporaEats #sourdough #Poi #GoanBread #BreadLife #BreadMaking

Sometime in the eighteenth century, the Biggin coffee filter came about in France. A century or two later, it would go on to influence the developments of the Indian coffee filter as well as the Vietnamese filter. The Vietnamese made it their own with the use of condensed milk, while the Indian filter coffee has its unique identity thanks to India always being a major dairy consumer. Coffee blended with chicory root, a cost cutting measure introduced by the French, is found and celebrated in colonies such as India, Vietnam, and French Louisiana. A coffee joint in the erstwhile French colony of Pondicherry makes cafe Bombon — a Valencian rendition that has condensed milk at its base, then strong espresso, and finally topped with foam. We recreated this at @thefarmchennai last evening and I am humbled by the mishmash of all sorts of colonial and diaspora influences in this cup. Always standing on the shoulders of giants, we are. #Chennai #BigginCoffee #FilterCoffee #VietnameseCoffee #cafébonbóm #cafebonbom #FrenchColonies #FrenchInfluence #Vietnamese #Pondicherry #Pudicherry #Creole #Lousiana #LousianaPurchase #ColonialInfluences #DiasporaEats #diaspora #Coffee #Twitter

Meanwhile, in Edmonton. Another special night that I missed out on. Couple nights ago was one of the craziest aurora nights. Wish I had seen these! Posting @jal2.0's pic and remembering all those cold nights spent just gazing at the sky. Miss you homies. #yeg #yegfood #yegaurora #yegnorthernlights #aurora #auroraborealis #twitter #northernlights

Danda Food Project | A passion project that @ananditakamani and I have been delving deeper into, these last six months. Hear about what we do on this week's @thedailypao Paodcast. Link in profile! Pictured here: Getting our prep lists and timing straight before service. Yes, that's flour on my T-shirt. 😂 #dandafoodproject #CarterRoad #Mumbai #MumbaiFood #FoodTalkMumbai #FoodTalkIndia #Twitter #podcast #paodcast

Embracing my feminine side today with @shalphil and @radhasunder. Mani- pedi and gossips; last night in Nagaland. Quite a bizarre yet fitting wind down. #girlsdayout #Nagaland #Twitter

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