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Moongre | Radish pods. I recently discovered these while wading through the vegetable market in Khar with @ananditakamani and @mannbijlani. Given how our climate is dictated by the southwest monsoons, winter in Mumbai is oddly when we see the fresh, young vegetables. Green garlic is harvested to thin down rows. Similarly, radish pods are harvested so that radish plants can expend energy on growing their roots. There are several interesting recipes that employ moongre; from raitas to chutneys. I chanced upon this rather nuanced Gujarati version today: Chopped radish pods tossed in a gentle mustard seed tadka. Love how the Brassica family is represented here.
Our next @dandafoodproject popup is all about beautiful vegetables like these, and we are so excited about the journey we intend to take you on! These podding radishes will be used, but in yet another interesting way. Can't wait to feed you! Link and details in profile :)
#dandafoodproject #WinterVegetables #Twitter #RadishPods #Khar #Danda #Mumbai #foodtalkindia #FoodTalkMumbai

The incredible Manathakkali | Black Nightshade (Solanum Nigrum) has been a rare treat from a young age in my Tamil household. Found wild at @thefarmchennai, it is a joy to cook the greens (keerai) in a curry (kozhumb) or stir fry (poriyal). When ripe, these indigenous berries turn black and are again enjoyed in various preparations. The dispersion of the nightshade family is perhaps the most fascinating one. While philosophers like Pliny The Elder have spoken about tiny wild nightshades for a long time, it is fascinating that the Americas has had the biggest nightshade contributions to the world (chilies, tomatoes, potatoes). Let's not forget wild, seasonal beauties like these from Asia though. #Solanum #Nightshades #Manathakkali #WildEdibles #Twitter

Throwback | 23rd August 2015 | A pretty memorable evening. A farm to table dinner at @the_cheesiry's beautiful barn right outside their milking parlour. I got to feed 28 diners a five course dinner that we called Five Stages of Pecorino. Still grateful for the opportunity, Rhonda! As it turns out, that evening remained rather special. After cleaning down the barn and sorting out plates and cutlery, I go to sleep at 1:30 am in the prep kitchen/room itself. Maybe some two hours after that, I am woken up by bright green lights out of the window. It's the only time I've actually woken up because of auroras (second pic). And finally, two days later @jal2.0 drives me all the way to the farm and helps me clear out all the equipment and plates. Pretty awesome friend this @jal2.0 is, but I am not that grateful ๐Ÿ˜‚. In return she got to eat a pretty special homemade pasta with brown butter and fresh hops sauce ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ! #FarmDinner #BarnDinner #FarmToTable #FiveStagesOfPecorino #Twitter #Pecorino

One month core sample of Tomme de Semmancheri. Exhibiting some classic traits of the Savoyard Tomme. Thin, natural rind, glossy paste, occasional holes from draining deformations. Ready in a month! #CheeseMaking #TommeDeSemmancheri #Twitter #Tomme #Savoie #tommedesavoie #Cheese

Cooking With Friends | The New Year seems to have started right! We've been to a few shacks and local eateries in Pondicherry, eating hardcore Tamilian food like goat head curry, local crabs and what not. @taylordaries was craving vegetables, so we decided to make a proper TamBrahm veg feast for New Year Day dinner. Vegetables on this leaf: Eggplants, snake gourd, banana blossoms, okra, green chilies and a bunch of other things. Now is as good a time as any to mention @dandafoodproject's exciting Vegetarian Dinner later in Jan. No, you won't be eating off a leaf, and no, it won't be a bunch of South Indian dishes. But this is the best season, all over india, to cherish vegetables... so we're going all out! Keep eyes peeled!
#Pondicherry #Puducherry #tamBrahm #VegetarianFood #Vegetables #IndianFood #TamilNadu #Tamil

Coscia Pears | The most pear-shaped pears you will find. These tiny beauties come from Sicily. The Mediterranean is home to so many special varieties of 'pome' fruits. Just finished gouging on some clementine oranges ๐ŸŠ (from France and a fairly recent addition to the citrus family). Dubai is so excessive. Shopping, expensive cars and gadgets, and what not. But being an important financial centre with huge populations of Europeans is a pleasure when it comes to basic groceries (and CHEESE). Been a good couple of days with parents. #CosciaPears #Pears #CitrusFruits #Cheese #Dubai #UAE #Mediterranean #Twitter

Throwback: 2017, it's been a good year. Looking forward to 2018 with a big, broad smile :). Some special highlights include:
1.) Invited to @slowfood_international's Cheese 2017 conference and talking about pastoral Indian cheeses, like Kalari
2.) Making good progress with the Spiti Valley cheese project at @spitiecosphere and having the opportunity to feed some exclusive diners some of that really special fifteen month wild Spitian Chive Cheddar.
3.) Cooking for loved ones is something I truly miss. Making this Kerala filet mignon ularthiyathu was such a highlight for me.
4.) Having the opportunity to do a Pod To Plate dinner with the @dandafoodproject team. This was special since @ananditakamani and I got to travel to a cacao farm and learn so many crucial details of production all thanks to @masonandco_chocolate.
5.) Attending Living Lightly for the second time and getting an opportunity to find viable value-added dairy products for pastoral tribes in India. Lots of work still left but it's a great start.
#throwback #2017

Paigambari wheat ๐ŸŒพ | @sujitsumitran fed us some delicious bread last night which had 30% of this special varietal. Said to be a varietal from Indus Valley Civilization days, further reading suggests that it's a hexaploid wheat varietal โ€” six sets of chromosomes, unlike us basic humans with just two sets of chromosomes. It is cool to see that our ancestors back then were doing some rather intricate hybridising, perhaps even accidentally, to produce flavourful, grains of wheat. Certainly, the evolution of wheat is a record of our human history, at least from when we decided to settle down some 10,000 years ago and grow food, build communities and so on. My @serendipityartsfestival sessions have ended and it was a riveting few days with layers and layers of conversations around food, art, and history. Thank you, Goa! #PaigambariWheat #wheat #evolution #Hexaploid #Twitter
#Goa #SoGoa #Panjim #Panaji #Britona

#Throwback: November 17th 2016. @ananditakamani and I saw these beautiful varieties of eggplants at the market near our shiny new flat! Ana went on to develop the dish called "Experience Eggplants in a Parmigiana" at our 10-course Italian dinner, almost two months later (third pic)! Only today I realise that @dandafoodproject is really quite obsessed with eggplants. We have inadvertently used some varietal of eggplants in every dinner since this photo! From large eggplants charred and finished with cacao butter to tiny eggplants cooked with seafood, we've done it all! ๐Ÿ™ˆHanging with @ccourtne of @genomicgastronomy the other night, I got to remember this. Their work related to seed saving and understanding biodiversity in a very nerdy way is quite exciting! #dandafoodproject #foodofinstagram #Eggplants #nightshades #IndiaFood #FoodTalkIndia #brinjal

I was nominated for the @ndtv Arts Spectrum Award for South Asia and had heard about it only a week or so ago. Then, on 16th night in Goa, I go to the awards after a round of delicious cashew feni and salted veal tongue with my friends @chinsi and @mannbijlani. I had no clue how serious this was. Turns out I was chosen as a winner in the section of Culinary Arts. I think when I picked the award, I just said something like, "Let's make more cheese!" Well, there's more to say. It's been a good start but I have a long way to go. I am passionate specifically about making cheese a viable value-added product for dairy farmers across India โ€“ an expression of not only the terroir but also of the farmers. Thank you to the juries who found what I do to be interesting! This recognition exists because I am lucky to have a friend and business partner โ€” @ananditakamani โ€” who believes in me and has held my hand through tough times. So,
congratulations Ana! Follow @dandafoodproject to see all the cool things we do (the team comprises of @ananditakamani, @chinsi, @mannbijlani and me). #dandafoodproject #serendipityartsfestival #IndiaCheese #CheeseMaking #ArtisanalCheese #GoatCheese

Great job, team Danda. Quite an honour to do our 'An Indian Cheese Story' dinner on opening night of the @serendipityartsfestival at the picturesque Sunset Lawn at @cidadedegoa. Thanks boss, @manuchandra. This was blue butter with @masonandco_chocolate roasted cacao nibs, nasturtium flowers for a bite and elderflower syrup to open it up. #Goa #SoGoa #FoodTalkIndia #BlueButter

Green radishes cooked in cacao butter. It's safe to say that we are continuously surprised by the quality and variety of vegetables that @offeringsfarms sends to us. This pic is from a couple weeks back in Goa when we did another iteration of our Pod To Plate dinner and Offerings Farm was more than happy to send us fresh vegetables in an overnight bus. Thanks to @ananditakamani's vision, this plate ended up being just a whole lot of good vegetables roasted in @masonandco_chocolate's cacao butter. #foodtalkindia #foodofinstagram #chefstalk #GreenRadish #Daikon #Radish #cacaobutter #PodToPlate #dandafoodproject

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