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Bigred  Positive positive positive!! Did I mention positive... here to enjoy and learn from fun enthusiastic positive people.... beginning my fitness journey

3 months I've eaten clean, lost weight, dropped blood pressure, lowered heart rate..... I'm still insulin resistant... I'm doing intermittent fasting 16:8 ...... I don't want to take meds! Any ideas? Please DM me if you know ways to fix this naturally.... please....

Thankful it was a rest day... still trying to balance out eating with this 16:8 intermittent fasting...

Ok, so I thought I wasn't diabetic anymore but apparently I'm insulin resistant... oh yay!! So I'm trying intermittent fasting 16:8 and eating super clean... @juliak_bikinifit I hope this works.... I read its effects first on your post... 2 chicken breasts, 1cup raw broccoli and 2 cups mixed cabbage and carrots....

Maybe too many carbs? I did destroy the calories!! Oh well I'm still learning..

Nice 4 egg omelette with turkey sausage, broccoli and a tiny bit of cheddar.... 44p 37c 33f.... oh so yummy!! Anyone else have the McDonalds plates??

Was 140's / 90's..... amazing what healthy eating and training can do.... I'm definitely transforming into a much healthier and better me... thank you all for your support and inspirational words

So I was told a cheat meal is good.... considering I've been calories deficit for almost 2 months I decided pizza would be a good idea.... fingers crossed I can find my abs again soon 😋and I was just getting used to seeing them 😊

Such a colorful breakfast

7 weeks ago I was diagnosed with high bp, diabetes and resting hr 76..... 7 weeks later... bp normal, dropped 70pts on glucose, resting hr 68.... oh I dropped 2 pants sizes too.... I'm happy but not content... not finished by a long shot! I have so many wonderful supporters helping me so far... thank you @tigerfitness @mtsnutrition @supzilla_dayton, Cedric @miss_buffnugget ... thank you all for your help and support

Supzilla #daytonohio #centerville ..... if you're a novice or even experienced this is the place for your supps.... @miss_buffnugget is there and her advice is priceless!! Her knowledge is impeccable!! They have full range of products including bulk protein... please put this at the top of your list of shops and you will be more than happy you did. Thanks @miss_buffnugget for all your help!

Was a good day 😊

All jacked up with #MTS #Clash and #Vasky.... thanks to #tigerfitness .... sporting my #MTS swag!!

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