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Da Barber  Hey world

Brrrr!!! Yuuup, its here. Da cooold of winta approaches. Get dem thermals, boots n gloves out!!! Gdmrng I.G.

Im tiiired as fuck...but i got bills 2pay.....Notime4games!!!!$$$$$$

Had a great weekend!!! Back 2bidness as usual. Gdmrng I.G.

2Nites Dinner....yellowrice n beans, smothred n chunky steak n onion gravy....topped wit chse- baco bits, sourcream...salad on da side, /w da kooolaid 4da chaser!!! Immm goin in.


New Big face hundred!!!whoa.

Right back at it...$$$$

2Trill O.G.....westup yabiiisssh!!!

In da bar..."daylies"...145th lorain...flipflops n pajamas nucca!!! Gettn 2it... $$$ that is!!! Fuckya if ya tink im clownin!!! Ctfuuuu.

Top da mrng I.G.

Grumpy dis a.m. but im still gettn 2it...$$$

Top da mrng headed 2it $$$, eeearly!!! Im hungry.

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