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B e t h a n y  🌸Mummy to Maddie, Blogger & Vlogger 💻BLOG: 🎥YOUTUBE: Biff & Baba 💌enquiries: #biffandbaba NEW VIDEO!!👇🏼👇🏼

AMEN 🙌🏼 and it’s the best bloody job in the universe!!! ❤️ {plus there’s loads of other things I could’ve added to that list.. but I ran out of space/letters 😂🙈} #BiffAndBaba #HonestMotherhood

Waking up to this little angel and smile every day is the best gift in the world! 💕 Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead and I’m super excited as it’s MADDIE’S 1st BIRTHDAY THIS WEEKEND! 😍🎉🍾🎁 can’t quite believe that in 6 days I will have survived my first year of motherhood and I will have a one year old?! 😱 #RiseAndShine #TimeFlies

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there!! But most of all to this one ❤️ for loving our little girl with all his might from day 1! This time last year was our due date! (17/06/17) but she didn’t quite make it on time... 🙈 so here’s to your FIRST proper Father’s Day!! 🎉🍾 lots of love always from us @joshchardfitness #HappyFathersDay

This little pickle is getting more and more independent these days, especially when it comes to food! It’s getting super difficult to spoon feed her, so mealtime is now 80% #babyledweaning !! Not that it’s a bad thing... but it definitely creates a LOT more mess by letting her take the lead - anyone else’s baby like to squeeze and squash their food before it even makes it into their mouth?! 😂🙈 I swear by always having my @johnsonsbabyuk all over gentle all over wipes close by to wipe up those sticky fingers and her messy mouth, leaving her skin soft, clean and to stop mealtime becoming complete and utter chaos!! 🙊🍇🍌🥦🥕🥑🍓🍆🥒 #AD #JohnsonsAmbassadors

“She has fire in her soul 🔥 and grace in her heart ❤️” -
Happy Friday you lovely lot, hope you’ve all had a fab day!!! #friyay #qotd
Lips: @bobbibrownuk Art Stick in shade ‘Harlow Red’ 💋

SEND HELP (and tissues)... with Maddie’s 1st birthday literally around the corner now, I’ve found myself falling down the newborn rabbit hole looking back at tiny baby Maddie and it’s giving me ALLLL THE FEELS 😍😭❤️🙈🤧 such a hot mess right now haha!! Seriously though, how fast can a whole year go?!?! #throwbackthursday #3daysold #MaddisonGrace

ME AND MY GIRL 💕 #girlgang tees: @essexmama #BiffAndBaba

Peace at last after a busy morning! 💤💕 we had Maddie’s 1 year developmental check this morning with the health visitor and I was very pleased to hear she’s on track perfectly!! {not that I was particularly concerned about anything} BUT it is SO nice to hear someone tell you you’re doing an amazing job as a mummy. Being a mum is bloody tough work!! and there’s so much judgement out there, especially on the internet! It’s always “oh you shouldn’t do that” or “that’s not good for them” blah, blah... no wonder new mums worry all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄 I think it’s important to remember every baby is different, therefore develops at their own pace, has their own personality and tastes.. etc. they are human after all!!! So if you’re reading this now I just want to say, you are doing an AMAZING job mama and keep going!!! 😘💕🙌🏼 #MaddieSleepSeries #YouGotThisMama

One of my favourite childhood memories of summer time was going for lots of wonderful picnics! Picnics in the park, on the beach, at a theme park, at the zoo, the list goes on!! And obviously the best part was the sweet treat for pudding hehe - Fruit Pastilles have always been a winner for me! 😉😋 Now the outdoor adventures (and picnics) can continue with my own little family, thanks to any pack of @nestle MilkyBar, Smarties or Rowntrees with the Kids Go Free banner on, which gives your little one a free ticket to a huge range of days out!! I can’t wait to make the most of summer and get outside and create more amazing memories with my family! 👨‍👩‍👧 #AD #kidsgofree #takethemout

IT’S MONDAY! Let’s kick another weeks butt Maddie girl! 👊🏻💥❤️ #BiffAndBaba

How is my baby doll one in 2 WEEKS TODAY?!?!?! 😭😭😭 #BiffAndBaba #MaddisonGrace

My sisters truly are my world and my best best friends in the world! 💕🍾 have had such a wonderful day with them (and my mummy too of course 🙊) now putting our feet up with a G&T and watching the Sex And The City Movie 👌🏼🎬 a perfect Saturday night in!! #threemusketeers #cheers

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