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Biddy's account was recently hacked. Thank you to everyone involved in helping us recover it, Biddy truly has the best followers! Biddy's account has been left open for everyone to enjoy and will stay just that. Here is our special hog looking majestic as ever! #biddythehedgehog #majestichog #wallowalake 🐭

Today marks five years from when we adopted Biddy. This video showed up on my Facebook memories and I thought I would share it with everyone. Sorry for the bad quality, it was good quality five years ago! The video was taken on our car ride home. Biddy's page will remain up and you may see a post about him from time to time. πŸ™‚πŸ­#biddythehedgehog #biddeo

This is a very difficult post to type and it breaks our hearts. Our spiky little guy passed away on Sunday, March 1st. Biddy finally seemed better, then he quickly took a turn for the worst. In the end we believe cancer was the cause of death and the reason for all of his health issues. We are very thankful for all the time we spent with him before he went. We want to thank all of you for following Biddy and his adventures. It's truly amazing to see people from all parts of the world sharing and commenting on his photos. To know that Biddy's photos could bring happiness, laughter and possibly inspire others is breathtaking. We couldn't have asked for a better hedgehog. Biddy was a big part of our family and he will be greatly missed. #biddythehedgehog #runstronglittlebuddy 🐭🐾

Happy National Pet day!!! Give your pet a little extra love! New toy, special treat, or a back/belly rub. #biddythehedgehog #fbf #nationalpetday 🐭

Happy Wednesday!! Thanks @liloshka_saint for sharing this awesome drawing of me!! #biddythehedgehog #biddythehedgehogart πŸ­βœ’οΈπŸŽ¨

INSTAGRAM CALENDAR GIVEAWAY!!! Instagram was nice enough to feature me in their 2015 Animals of @Instagram calendar. I have four calendars I would like to give away! Post ONE NEW photo and tag it #BiddyInstagramCalendar other then that there are no rules. Have fun & be creative! Remember, I won't be able to see your photo if your account is private. Giveaway ends February 20th. #biddythehedgehog #BiddyInstagramCalendar #InstagramCalendar πŸ­πŸ“†

Hiiii everyone!!! Sorry for the lack of posts, I've missed you! Thanks again for all the get well wishes! I'm doing a lot better then I was three months ago. I had a lot of people asking what was wrong with me, so here it is. Sorry ahead of time for the long post, it's a lot of information!! I went to the vet the beginning of December because I was struggling to eat, it turned out that I had an infected tooth that needed to be removed. I was given a few medications for the infection & pain. While dealing with the tooth infection I ended up getting pneumonia on Christmas Eve. I was almost done with my medication to treat my pneumonia when I ended up getting an ulcer... On top of that my mouth was still hurting and I had to visit the vet again! They found two more loose/possibly infected teeth and pulled them as well. I was on a lot of medications and all I wanted to do was sleep, of course I still had it in me to run on my wheel every once in a while. I seemed to forget to eat and drink on my own. My parents would syringe feed me and had to give me water and b-complex injections. We also switched to some medications that my body seemed to tolerate a lot better. Around January one of my eyes started having issues. My eye was very squinty & recessed. I had a few X-rays taken to see if we could figure out what was causing the eye problem, but they didn't show anything. So I continued with my medications and about a week after being off of them my eye started getting better!! I was also eating and drinking on my own! This Monday I went back to the vet because my tail was looking red and I had been sneezing. I've been having some pretty loose stool πŸ™Š and it seemed to cause a little infection. Kinda like a diaper rash found on babies. I was given some medications to help with the rash and some to help with my GI infection. My parents get to put some Preparation H on my little tail. I have about a week and a half left of taking medicine. Hoping that this is the last of my health issues!
The weather is getting warmer and soon I'll be able to go on some new adventures to share with everyone!! #biddythehedgehog #OneToughHog #ThanksDrRamsell 🐭πŸ’ͺ

Dreaming of warmer weather like the day I went to the Painted Hills! Sorry for the lack of posts. Turns out I'm a very sensitive hog to certain medications, so it took a few visits to find out what works best for me. Tuesday was my first day not having to take medicine. I'm not 100% better, but my parents and doctor are doing everything in their power to help me feel better. #biddythehedgehog #tbt #paintedhills 🐭🎨

Hey guys it's me Biddy! I'm not 100% better yet, but I wanted to say hello & thank everyone for all the get well wishes! #biddythehedgehog #biddyandcharlie #tbt #elowahfalls 🐭🐢

Happy New Year!!! 2014 was a great year!!! #biddythehedgehog #biddeo #iconosquare #memoicono 🐭

Thanks @triciakibler for making me look so good!!! #biddythehedgehog #biddythehedgehogart #ink #watercolor #triciapaints πŸ­βœ’οΈπŸŽ¨

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I haven't been feeling well, but I'm in good spirits and taking my medicine like a good hog. #biddythehedgehog #biddywithdrawls #fbf 🐭

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