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This is a photo of me at age 17. I was somewhere near San Francisco, California and I was in the middle of my 30-day bike ride down the California coastline. This was my first bike tour ever! Since that time, I've cycled across the United States 6 different times (in different directions) and I've ridden my bicycle across about 70 different countries all around the world (in Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe).

I took this photo while standing on a bridge at the border of Lithuania and Latvia. I was standing in Lithuania and pointing my camera toward a small riverfront village in Latvia. It was a wonderful welcome to a new country!

That's me... riding my famous Co-Motion Pangea touring bicycle with red @ortliebusa panniers... in the European nation of Andorra.

10 points if you can guess which country this bicycle touring photo was taken in. Hint: It's somewhere in Europe... and I've written about this tour on my website at

If you don't know who these two guys are, then you didn't watch my video from Banos, Ecuador: I have a new video from my bike ride across the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador coming out tomorrow morning. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. It's going to be a good one!

I just finished editing all 25+ videos from my recent bike tour in South America. I can't wait to share them all with you. The first 5 episodes have already been posted to the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel... so make sure you watch them! The new video coming out on Thursday is a REALLY good one. I think you're going to enjoy it!

This is an old photo from my 2014 bike tour in Romania. I had rented an apartment in Sibiu, Romania and while I was there, another bicycle traveler named Casey pulled into town. I had him stay at my apartment for a night, and the following day we went hiking up in the nearby mountains - which is where this photo was taken. One of the things I think is most memorable about Romania (for me) is the fact that the country is so uniquely colored. I mean, the plants, sky and houses have a unique color to them that I haven't really seen anywhere in the world. The colors are both faded and vibrant all at the same time. For me, color plays a large roll in why I like Romania so much.

Tonight at 8:30 PM Pacific Time I am conducting a SPECIAL LIVE INTERVIEW with my friend and experienced bicycle traveler, Kevin Burrett. I'm going to be asking Kevin about his advice and opinions on long-distance cycling, staying in hotels vs. campgrounds, how to make the best of your retirement years, what to eat when you're out there on the road, how to gain the support of your family, and a whole lot more! This is a special LIVE Q&A only for the members of the Bicycle Touring Pro Coaching Program: --- If you want to join the call, just go to that web address and sign up for the course! You'll get an email from me after you sign up... and that email will be filled with all the details on how to join today's special LIVE Q&A with Australian bicycle tourist, Kevin Burrett. Hope to see you there!

The first 4 videos from my bike tour in Ecuador (South America) are up now on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel:

The new video from my bike tour through the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador is up now on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel. Episode #156 - In this episode I cycle from Banos to Puyo, Ecuador and pass dozens of waterfalls along the way - some of which are falling right into the middle of the road. Once I enter the city of Puyo, I am truly in the Amazon rainforest. Beautiful place! Watch and see for yourself. Then, leave a comment and let me know what you think of the place.

Watch my latest video on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel to see the video from this incredible treehouse/swing in the mountains above Banos, Ecuador:

The latest video from my 3-week stay in the tiny Amazonian mountain town of Banos, Ecuador is up now on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel:

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