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Darren Alff  Traveling the world by bicycle for 17+ years and teaching people like YOU to bike tour too! YouTube ▶ bicycletouringpro FB & Snapchat ▶ bicycletouring


This was the view from my handlebars as I cycled across northern Norway on my way to the Nordkapp.

Today is the last full day of my month-long bike tour across Finland, Norway and Sweden. Tomorrow I will begin editing my photos, writing about the tour on my website at www.bicycletouringpro.com, reviewing my new Co-Motion Cycles Siskiyou touring bicycle, and editing the videos from my journey. #bicycle #wintercycling #bicycletouring #darrenalff #bicycletouringpro #biketour #cycling #adventurecycling #sweden #finland #norway #nordkapp #bikepacking

After more than two weeks up above the Arctic Circle in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway... I crossed back below the Arctic Circle today and crossed the border from Finland into Sweden (both crossings on the same day). Now I've only got 1.5 days left of my bike tour here in northern Europe. It has been chilly and beautiful and wonderful... and I look forward to sharing the rest of my photos and video with you. All the details on my bike ride, my new Co-Motion Cycles Siskiyou touring bicycle, the Pinion gearbox, my complete packing list, and a whole lot more... coming soon to www.bicycletouringpro.com

Took this photo about a week ago - shortly after reaching the North Cape in Northern Norway. I've cycled a lot further than that now (almost 2,000 km).

Making campfire burritos in northern Norway. If you look closely you can see the straps from my @girocycling helmet burnt into the side of my face / head. Been on the road for 3 weeks now - cycled 2,000+ km - biked across 3 countries - taken only 1 shower.

Greetings from Ivalo, Finland. Yesterday it was pouring rain and I stayed inside my tent for almost 36 hours straight Wow! I listened to all the podcasts I had downloaded, ate all my food, and flipped back and forth between three different books. Now I am at the library in Ivalo - charging my camera batteries, answering emails and checking the weather for the coming days. It looks like it might snow tomorrow!!! Eek

While cycling through the tiny town of Alta, Norway I ran into 5 other bicycle tourists who knew who I was and approached to say, "Hey! You're the Bicycle Touring Pro! I watch all your videos on YouTube." This is me (on the left in the red) and Andreas (on the right in green). Andreas is from Estonia and is conducting an 8,000 km bike tour across Europe - with help and inspiration from Bicycle Touring Pro, of course ;) I love running into you guys out there on the road! - Darren Alff

I took this photo a few days ago. Right now I am at the North Cape (Nordkapp) in northern Norway
I made it!!!! 1,250 km from Umea, Sweden to here. It is cold and windy and hilly here. Glad I came though. Beautiful scenery for 2+ weeks - every single day! Now I am going to turn around and start cycling back to Umea via Lappland, Finland. I can't wait to get back to warmer weather. Brrrrr I'm cold.

Lapland is a bit of an Arctic swamp. Lots and lots of water right now. Brown and beautiful (still snow-covered in parts) and remote.

I'm in Alta, Norway right now - having cycled the first 1,000+ km of my journey here in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Now I've only got 250 km to go until I reach the North Cape (the furthest north you can go in Europe). For the last two weeks I have spent every single night camping wild in the forest. But tonight I paid 150 Norwegian Krone to stay in an established campground where I am able to charge my camera batteries, download new podcasts, check my email/messages and (most importantly) take a shower. This was the first shower I have had since leaving Umea, Sweden more than two weeks ago. Ahhhhh.....

The Pinion 18-speed gearbox and Gates carbon belt on my new @co_motionbikes Siskiyou touring bicycle is really amazing! So smooth, strong, quiet, and practically maintenance-free. No more greasing your chain or trying to get rid of that squeek caused by rain the day before. Just hop on your bike... and go!
PS - I've cycled 700 km across Sweden now and today I will cross the border into northern Finland.

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