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Darren Alff  I travel the world on my bicycle and teach people how to conduct their own bike tours. YouTube ▶ bicycletouringpro FB & Snapchat ▶ bicycletouring


The new bike (Chumba Ursa 29+) and bags (Wanderlust Gear) performed super well today. I planned on cycling about 35 miles and ended up doing closer to 50. Tomorrow I've got a 30-mile ride planned through the mountains. Then a big, warm meal for dinner at the end of the day. :) #bikepacking #bicycletouring

My #bikepacking trip in Northern Arizona is going extremely well. The wind is blowing like crazy today, but otherwise I'm doing well and making good progress.

Okay. Here we go. My first official #bikepacking expedition begins right now! Wish me luck. :)

I've got my new @chumbausa Ursa 29+ bikepacking bicycle all packed and ready to go on it's maiden voyage tomorrow morning. This will be my first time ever using this bike on an overnight cycling adventure... and it will be my first time riding the bike with my new @wanderlustgear

As the Bicycle Touring Pro, I always tell people that one of the best things they can do to prepare for longer bicycle tours is to conduct a short 2-day bike tour first. So, that's exactly what I am going to do with this new bike and #bikepacking setup! I'm not going to cycle super far or super fast. Instead, I'm planning to cycle only about 35 miles to the nearby town of Williams. I'll refill my water bottles there, get a good meal, and then sleep somewhere in the forest. The following day, I'll cycle another 30 miles or so back to where I started... and then the bike tour will be over.

The goal here, once again, is not to cycle super far. The goal right now is to test my new bike, my new bags, and my packing strategies. After two days on the road, I'll likely discover a few things I wish I had packed... and a few things I wish I had left at home. Most importantly, this short overnight trip will help me prepare for my future off-road bikepacking expeditions

If you live in Southern California and are looking for an excellent weekend getaway that includes cycling, camping, and looking for shooting stars, then consider a trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park - located just 2 hours from San Diego and 3 hours from downtown Los Angeles.

See more photos, listen to the new podcast episode and learn more about cycling in the Anza-Borrego desert on the Bicycle Touring Pro website: http://www.bicycletouringpro.com/anza-borrego-desert-state-park/

The two things I like most about my new @chumbausa Ursa 29+ bikepacking bicycle... 1) How smooth the ride is. The fat 29+ wheels/tires make rolling over gravel and small rocks a very smooth ride,which makes the bike both comfortable and fun to ride.
2) The bike can be configured in a number of different ways. You can fit the bike with traditional front and rear bicycle racks like you would see on a traditional touring bicycle... or you can set it up for off-road bikepacking - with tons of different configuration options. Plus, lots of water bottle mounts and eyelets to fit all kinds of extras.
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Today I took my new Chumba Ursa 29+ bikepacking bicycle on it's first long mountain bike ride in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. On the bike ride with me was Deputy Hensen and his wife Brenda. It was a great single-track bike ride on the famous "Arizona Trail." @chumbausa @foxracing @girocycling #cycling #bikepacking #chumbausa #29plus #bicycling #arizona #arizonatrail #flagstaff #newbicycle #bicycle

Want to see what it's like to travel across South America on a bicycle? Now you can watch the entire 6.5-hour-long video of my recently completed bike tour across Ecuador and Colombia and see for yourself what it's like to travel the world by bicycle: https://youtu.be/jfFuGbvZNGs (Watch it now on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel)

Remember that deputy who stopped me in Sedona because he recognized me as the Bicycle Touring Pro? I'm going on a mountain bike ride with him and his wife tomorrow... and I'll be riding my new @chumbausa Ursa 29+ bikepacking bicycle for the very first time. #chumbausa #29plus #sedona #arizona #mountainbiking #bikepacking #cycling I'm really looking forward to trying this new bike out on some single-track trails here in northern Arizona.

The 2nd Bicycle Touring Pro meet-up/bike ride in Flagstaff, Arizona - with Christian, Robby and Darren. We met for breakfast and then rode about 30 miles to nearby Lake Mary.

This was the view from the top of Humphreys Peak - Arizona's highest mountain (which I climbed earlier today) #flagstaff #arizona ##humphreyspeak #northernarizona #fallcolors #autumn #climbing #highelevation Check out those fall colors!

Yesterday was my birthday... and even though I am traveling across the American Southwest all by myself, I was far from alone!
I got a new bikepacking bicycle + a full set of bikepacking bags. Whoohoo! Then I went into downtown Flagstaff, Arizona and ate a pizza dinner with two of my www.bicycletouringpro.com readers (Emir and Charmaine) who are on a cross-country road trip of their own right now. Then the three of us drove to my campsite in the forest and sat around a campfire, while telling stories and looking for shooting stars. The next morning I held a Bicycle Touring Pro reader meet-up/bike ride, where I was joined by Robby and Christian on a 30 mile round trip bike ride to nearby Lake Mary. After the bike ride was over, Emir and Charmaine joined me for lunch at the Wildflower Bread Company - where I received a free piece of carrot cake for my birthday and was presented with a special birthday muffin from Emir and Charmaine. :) Later that night, I met back up with Christian and we drove out into the forest and made a campfire. Christian froze his butt off sleeping outside by the fire, while I did my best to stay warm inside the van. It was 20° F when we woke up this morning! Brr. Then Christian and I decided to hike to the top of Humphreys Peak, which is the highest mountain in the state of Arizona - 12,633 feet. It was a tiring hike up, but there were some spectacular views from the top. While we were climbing the mountain, we met several other hikers, including a young woman named Becca and a young man named Zack. After summiting Mt. Humphreys, I said goodbye to Christian (he had to rush home) and I hiked down the mountain with Zack (and Becca for a bit). Then Zack and I went out for lunch at a popular brewery in downtown Flagstaff. Finally, I said goodbye to Zack and drove my van back out into the forest, where I am now camping. I've been on the road for almost a month now and there have been some good experiences, but these last two days were easily my favorite two days of my entire journey thus far. Thank you to all the strangers (who are now my friends) who helped to make my birthday so special.

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