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Amanda Bible Williams  David’s wife. Mama to E, L, J, & T. Co-founder & CCO of @SheReadsTruth, @HeReadsTruth, & @KidsReadTruth.

These are the women who loved him first. And because they loved him, knowing they would one day have to let him go, we can now love him forever as our own. This is the gospel of Jesus lived out right here on earth. This is the kingdom come.

Today is the day! This brand new book from @russramsey1 & the full Retelling the Story Series are available TODAY anywhere books are sold. I am such a fan of Russ and his gift for telling the story of Scripture in a biblically faithful and beautifully real and imaginative way. If you’re looking for books to help you understand the whole story of the Bible, this series is it. Grab yours today at the link in my profile, and tag a friend who needs to know about these books below. 📚 Congratulations, Russ!!

Day 2. Visiting the Great Wall with two very special guests. The air was thick and we sweat buckets. Rode the cable car up and back, and squinted from the top to see the wall winding off in the distance. Toby fell asleep on Baba’s back, and I couldn’t stop smiling. ❤️

July 6, 2018. The day we met our son. Four years to the day that he was found—a foundling, known by name to the God in whose image he is made—in the city we’ll fly to tomorrow to become his forever family. I am filled to overflowing with love and thankfulness for this boy, for @meredithtoering & this first family who loves him so completely, and for the God of adoption & redemption who makes all things new. Thanks be to Him.

Last photo as a family of five. ♥️ Love these people of mine so much. We’re coming for you, Tobias Williams! #bringingtobyhome 🇨🇳
Posting updates on our adventure in stories. We’ll see how long that lasts. ☺️

I’ve imagined what our life would look like when it was finally time to bring you home: tidier, calmer, intentional, ready. But now we’re on our way to meet you and we’re still just us—a little loud, a little messy, a little bit of chaos at all times. We’re not perfect, but we‘re yours. We’ve been yours at heart for months and months, and in a matter of days we’ll be yours on paper. From now until forever. Williams, party of six. ♥️♥️ #bringingtobyhome

My friend Russ is such a gifted writer. But more than that, he is a follower of Jesus who loves God’s Word and has a unique gift for helping others read and love it too. Preorder this 3-book series today, or join his launch team to help promote the newest release. Link in profile. ..
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PREORDER NOW! The Retelling the Story Series (a narrative retelling of the story of Scripture): The Advent of the Lamb of God, The Passion of the King of Glory, and The Mission of the Body of Christ. “Russ Ramsey’s gift for retelling the stories of Scripture is second to none. This is as evident in everyday conversation with Russ as it is in his writing. I have never met an individual who loves Scripture more than this brother, and I am thankful to God for the gift of Russ and his books to the Church.” – @biblewilliams , Co-founder & Chief Content Officer of She Reads Truth, He Reads Truth, and Kids Read Truth
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What fun to celebrate the upcoming release of this very special book today. This Is the Gospel, a story & Scripture book from @kidsreadtruth, releases July 18. It is the story of God’s love for us — the story I want my kids to know by heart. ♥️ Follow @kidsreadtruth on insta to stay in the loop on all things KRT.

Eleven years ago today, this precious girl made me a mama. I will never stop thanking God for the miracle of her. Happy birthday, dearest girl. You are my treasure. ♥️

My boy and his scars. I am forever grateful for @meredithtoering and the selfless ayis at @morningstarfoundation who see the image of God in this brave boy and his broken heart. As long as our God is God, there is always hope. And as long as He gives me breath, I will live like it. ——
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Brave Scars. It’s my favorite that I can identify each child, simply by their scar.. that heart. Each one so brave. Each one perfectly unique.
“How many sacrificial steps does it take to heal a heart? How many people must choose hope, when there is nothing in it for them?
How many brave people must decide to love when heartache, risk and vulnerability are guaranteed? How many people will stand in the gap for one abandoned child?
In this story, there are at least five.
A birth mom opens her hands and releases the flesh of her flesh and bone of her bone into the universe, with the hope that something…someone…will find them.
An Ayi teaches a child how to attach and love the only way a human can, by selflessly attaching and loving, even though she knows she will say goodbye.
A surgeon puts his medical career on the line to care for the least of these.
A director fights day in and day out, going to battle for children in need, all without knowing whether they will live or die.
An adoptive parent chooses to provide a lifetime of love and support, with no guarantee of the future outcome.
Brave hearts are fighting for broken hearts — Because every child is worth the risk” - @btrswtcreative.
My brave babies with the most beautiful scars. The truest words from @jessicamancari. The photos which will 10000% be blown up and framed around #mylittlehouseofbrave, by @ericabakerphoto. Full story still linked in my bio. #chdwarrior #chdawareness #heartwarrior

Six years ago last Friday, the She Reads Truth community was born. Three brands, twenty full-time team members, dozens of reading plans and study books, and 2000+ days of “women in the Word of God every day” later, we continue to be overwhelmed by the Lord’s kindness to his daughters (and sons! and kids!). May we never stop reading truth. And may we never stop cheers-ing cupcakes to the goodness of the one true God. 🎉 @raechelmyers @SheReadsTruth @hereadstruth @kidsreadtruth

Just waved goodbye to my 5th and 2nd graders for the last time. Next stop: 3rd and MIDDLE SCHOOL. 😭😭

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